Rustic Boho

Image from Style Me Pretty.

I love this rustic bohemian-theme photo shoot from Style Me Pretty. It is inspired from a wedding palette of soft browns, wheat, pinks and greens. I totally adore subtleties that make it a little bit Western (it is inspired by Austin, after all) such as the fringed scarf and cotton plants. The feel is not overly Southwestern or overly down-home-country. No cacti or comfort food. The result is an elegant wedding that is vintage, romantic, and earthy!

As I begin trying to think more about my own table scape I am struck by the font on the burlap sacks and the added doilies to the table numbers. It all feels very Parisian in Texas! J’adore, Cowgirls! LOL.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

That gets me wondering, Boho Brides. Are there two themes that you want to incorporate for your wedding? Perhaps they are from the get-go opposite styles?

Way back when I was trying to identify my theme I was tossing around the idea of a retro vibe of Polynesian and Parisian. Think of the Hawaiian restaurant Roy mixed with the Las Vegas’s Paris hotel buffet: Rib eye steaks with teriyaki sauce (my favorite combo), crab legs, Nicoise salad, macadamia nut cupcakes (imagine with a pink orchid) and bananas foster. That one didn’t take, a little too customized–right!


Catalina Inspired Table Numbers

So I have been playing around a bit in my sketch book–playing with the idea of using native California and Catalina Island animals for table numbers. I found a great site that lists and describes all the endemic animal species. Cataina Island is like a little Galapagos Island so there are a lot of animals that are very specific to the island. I like the idea of using animals instead of flowers because it feels a little bit more rustic–like the island. But will this be too much? Should I go for the more refined numbers?

Pictured Below Left to Right:

The Catalina Island Fox, Allen’s Hummingbird, California Quail, Bald Eagle, Saw-whet Owl, Lady Bug, Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelican, Avalon Hairstreak Butterfly to name a few. Would you leave out the adorable Deer Mouse, well, because he is a mouse and may not make the guests so hungry? What about the bat for the same reasons?

Drawing by Miss Cali Girl

There are a few things for me to think about logistically.

Should they be framed cards on the table? Standing upright with a clip?

Should I have a drawing of the animal on the front of the card and a number on the back? Or should I incorporate a number into the design of the face of the card? Should I put a smaller version of the animal on the escort card and no number on the table number?

Things to think about!

Watercolor Wedding Escort Cards

Image from Style Me Pretty.

I am just loving this unusual escort card posted on Style Me Pretty. At first I didn’t even see them. BTW: It is the top photo! What a unique take on the traditional escort cards! Painting a picture onto the cards is such a great idea and it has limitless possibilities. I am imagining a beautiful landscape, your monogram, or an illustration of the wedding destination. Even the place setting scene it fantastic!

What would you paint, Boho Brides?