Color My Tables…Peach

Well, make that Matte Satin Peach!

My fiance and I were totally on the page. Our number one favorite was Antique Rose, but this was also the most expensive options. So that plan got quickly nixed–that is what happens when the other options are significantly cheaper. Our next favorite? Matte Satin Peach.

It was decided. Ta-Da! One of the easiest color decisions of the wedding!

So what do you think, Boho Brides? What did you quickly decide on with your fiance? What did you decide to splurge on? What did you decide was not worth the price?

Matte Satin Peach
Antique Rose

What is “Wedding Linen”?

So what exactly is wedding linen? Do I need a price quote for tablecloths and napkins? Do I need to specify this or do they include these two items when I say “linens”? These are my questions as I cruise websites knowing I need more information. I am a newbie at this. But, hey, I’ve never done this before and don’t plan on doing it again!

So I emailed a company that did the linens for one of my favorite weddings. But when I requested more information, I completely left out that I didn’t know what “linens” included. After emailing back and forth with a company representative about my color scheme (blush pink, amber, deep rose) the friendly woman said she would send me some swatches. And she did, they just arrived!

I absolutely love the colors and fabrics she suggested. And yes, I still am not quite sure if I need to specify that I need napkins to accompany the tablecloths! Anyhow, check them out!

From left to right: Light Pink, Peach, Antique Rose, Iridescent Opal, Citra Green.

Which one would you go for, Boho Brides?

Balinese Wedding Elements

I am trying to incorporate some island elements into the design of my wedding since my fiance is of Filipino descent and we will be getting hitched on an island. One of the celebratory Filipino items will be fans–much needed in the humid tropics, they may or may not be functional on the semi-arid Californian island where we will get married (will it be in the 60s and foggy or in 80s and sweltering!?). If they are not entirely needed, I want them to be at least an added piece of decor, right!

I am constantly making note when I see fans making an appearance at a wedding. Especially when they have a bit more pizazz than just the regular store bought kind (meaning: straw or white and bamboo).

I loved seeing this post on Style Me Pretty that profiles a destination wedding in Bali. The ceremony was held in a courtyard–similar to how ours will be–and is a mixture of casual and more formal. The fans they use are spruced up with different papers in geometric designs. The patterns in chocolate brown & cream and white & black add a lot of visual excitement to the calm surroundings. They even compliment the Balinese dancers’ attire. I also love the colors of magenta and purple mixed with the natural landscape of lavish greens.

Very beautiful, and in the dead of winter here in NJ/NYC, I can’t wait until my own burst of sunshine on our wedding day. So, thanks SMP for featuring more South East Asian & Pacific Island weddings (…and held somewhere other than Hawaii, although I am a sucker for these too it is just nice to see variety).