I absolutely love! I’ve order two pairs of shoes from them–always selected regular shipping, but they have always been accelerated to express overnight!!  I ordered the Badgley Mischka Randee heels and they just came in!

This is how fast Zappos works.

I ordered the shoes at 11:30 p.m.

Billing information sent to Zappos at 1:30 a.m.

2:05 a.m. the order was originated

3:50 a.m. the order left Kentucky

5:34 a.m. the order arrived in New Jersey

6:45 a.m. my alarm clock went off

7:40 a.m. the shoes were on the UPS truck headed to our house for delivery!

8:00 a.m. I checked my email and found out that my order had been RUSHED and my shoes were already in my town!!

Yeah, I love Zappos!!! I was so surprised!

Once the package arrived I slipped on my new shoes. They were beautiful! But VERY high. The highest shoes that I had ever worn. I have no clue why I thought I could walk in them, really, I am totally fooling myself.

So YES Zappos! And YES on their return policy. Even though I thought these shoes were the one my logical side has stepped in. With Zappos you can return shoes 24/7 within 365 days of your order. So I just had a quick conversation with the representative returning my beautiful Randall shoes <<sniff>> but shipping them back is free, and was totally painless.

The good news: I found similar Badgley Mischka shoes but with a lower heel. They will be exchanging my Randalls for these, the Raquels!

Here, take a look at the new shoes that make my heart pitter patter. I think I will swoon for them as well as actually walk in them!!

Image from Zappos.

Shoe-tastic Tuesday!

#10 Hey Lady–Twinkletoes

Image from Hey Lady

Another bride tipped me off about this fabulous shoe site so it is only right that I share it with you! Recently I decided that I want to keep my shoes bridal. Meaning that I want to wear Ivory, Champagne or Gold colored shoes that SPARKLE! I don’t care how they sparkle, be it a broach, sequins or rhinestones. I asked my bridesmaids to wear gold or pale gold shoes so a little umph could make them stand out. I think the photograph that is destined to appear will look really beautiful. Imagine it, you’ve seen it on the wedding sites–a bunch of shoes surrounding the bride’s shoe. I want mine to sparkle! These Twinkletoes by Hey Lady just might do the trick! What do you think, Boho Brides?

Shoe-tastic Tuesday!

#9 Cole Haan Ceci Air Rose Slingback

I love Cole Haan’s new bridal line. It is very fresh, very spring. Check out the Ceci with rosettes running up and down the length of the slingback. Italian silk and leather, a perfect 4″ heel, and padded foot will make you rejoice. For the price –a heft $400+–its Nike Air technology better make you feel as if you are floating to the alter!

Shoe-tastic Tuesday!

Shoe #6
Jimmy Choo’s Clue Glitter Slingback Pump

Do you Jimmy Choo? I never have but for my wedding I would love to go for one of the designers that I hear about as ultra-feminine, ultra-fashion. When else will I buy a pair of these shoes for myself. And doesn’t every girl need a pair of Jimmy’s (or have I just been watching too much Sex in the City)? So here is a pair that is for the bride who wants to remain glamorous underneath that white dress!

Shoe-tastic Tuesday!

#5 Badgley Mischka’s Randee High Heel Ruffle Sandals

Last week I met my favorite shoes yet at the department store. I went by, did a double-take, looped back around, picked them up, held them, and then thought: “Yeah, I like you!” After this I couldn’t help but exclaim, “I found shoes I like, I just need a dress!” They come in three colors, two of which are perfectly bridal appropriate: champagne and blush. Did I mention that I like these a lot…

Shoe-tastic Tuesday

Yesterday while at Kleinfeld’s I overheard a group of women talking about wedding shoes. The half-a-dozen Long Island ladies all agreed: it would be chunky sneakers. To them they were perfect. You could dance comfortably, not worry about walking down the aisle, and the best part would be lifting up your skirt during the garter toss–there they would be–CHUNKY SNEAKERS! The ladies were all very cute in their unwavering, unison, devotion to the shoe. It got me thinking, what would my wedding shoe be?  

I don’t really like sneakers. They are just not really me. I attempt to like them with my high top black Converses and my cream organic hemp Simples, but I don’t wear them unless I need to. And this often translates into lots of walking = must wear something comfortable = damn NYC. To me, sneakers are better left to the gym. This is where they can truly shine and be worn in all their glory.

I love sandals, I love heels, and nothing makes me feel sexier than my boots. But for my wedding day…? I need something that would make me feel unique, beautiful, and stunning on my wedding day. 

So here is my attempt at posting a shoe journal. I will try to post these periodically so when the day comes to buy I will have some source material of what I like. Perhaps then I will know my what my “chunky sneaker” will be.

#1: A perfectly generous bow

What are your favorite wedding day shoes?