Hair Trial

Just a week before our wedding I brought in a few of my inspiration photos to my hair trial. I was in between three hairdos so I wanted to try them all. Take a look at my thoughts going into the appointment. Then see how they turned out below!

1. The Half Up
It would be a good compromise between my longing for long wavy locks and an crisp updo. Perhaps I could look Grecian and whimsical like the character from Mamma Mia? Or perfectly in place like on Martha Stewart Weddings?

Martha Stewart Weddings

2. The Side Chignon
Love the ballerina bun, but the side chignon is even better because you can also see your bun from the front! And doesn’t that make it that much better!

Marth Stewart Weddings

3. The Side Pony Tail
Sassy, fun and young. I even feel different when I wear a low, side pony. Maybe a little country or rock ‘n roll. Or even back to that Grecian idea, I could do it with a loose braid.


That what I was thinking. This is how it turned out, translated by my stylist R.J. at Roger Joseph’s Salon.

Hairstyle 1: The Half Up

Hairstyle 2: The (Small) Side Chignon

Hairstyles 2 1/2: The (Large) Side Chignon

Hairstyle 3: The Side Pony

I told R.J. the night before the wedding which one I wanted to go with. It was hard to decide. Which one would have you chose?

Hairstyles: The Updo

Since I was getting married outside one of my fears was the wind. “Would it be gusty that day and would all my guests be distracted by me fumbling with my hair?” my inner bride would ask. The updo would be perfect! It could keep my hair in place and all I would have to focus on would be me getting married!!
When I saw the side chignon it seemed to have the right mix of everything I wanted: something young and fresh, relaxed enough for an outdoor venue, classic enough for the occasion.  After taking a look at some of the other updos  there are quite a few that captured the essence of what I wanted. Whether the hair is twisted, made into a bun, curled, pulled straight, side swept, or what have you there are so many beautiful ones to choose from.
So I’ve pasted a few of the updos that I love below for you. Many of them helped me decide what to ask for at my wedding hair trial at Roger Joseph’s Salon in New Jersey. Next post I’ll tell you what I chose and show you pictures of the day.

Which is your favorite updo?

Image by Tec Petaja
Image by Jose Villa
Image by Tec Petaja
Image by Tec Petaja
Image by Tec Petaja
Image from Martha Stewart
Image from Martha Stewart
Image from Instyle Weddings
Image from Instyle Weddings
Image from Instyle Weddings
Image from Instyle
Image from Instyle
Image from Glamour
Image from People

Hairstyles: Long Waves

The long, loose curl that is effortlessly cascading down a bride. I just adore it! Romantic and beautiful with just that perfect touch of natural. I am sifting through some of the pictures that I took to my wedding day hair trial. I, like so many brides, had to decide between three basic hairstyles for the big day: up, down or half-up. Which version for the wedding? Would there be time for two? I was instantly drawn to having my hair down. This is what I usually wear most days, so it feels like me. Very feminine, a little casual and made perfect with a white dress (and perhaps a flower too)! Here are a few inspiration pictures for long, bohemian waves.