A Wedding I Love

Image from JL Designs.

Check out this Malibu wedding that is everything I love: relaxed, airy, simple, unexpected.

And when I say “simple” it is not because it is uncomplicated. “Simple” because nothing is overworked. It looks effortless. And the best things always look simple. It is like looking at a beautiful piece of architecture. You don’t want to see the steal and beams, you want to see a structure rising above all others, effortlessly in space.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

Style Me Pretty calls it “Malibu Wedding With Style”. I love their style. Especially the flowers. Orchids floating delicately, succulents reaching upward, branches crawling. It all feels very organic, all three components mimicking each other. Yin and yang.

Recycled Coffee Cans

Picture 7I am always looking for ideas to 1.) cut costs and 2.) incorporate succulents into my {imagined} tablescape. I especially love how the silvery greens and burnt oranges play off the color of these coffee cans. This would be a great idea for a relaxed, rustic, casual wedding with a vintage theme.

So how much might this D.I.Y. project cost? Pricing out the project it seems to {roughly} be:

1. Potting Soil 1 qt = $1.00
2. Aloe = $9.95
3. Echeveria = $5.15
4. Found cans = free
$16.10 per can