Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden has great decor for centerpieces. I have been looking for wooden boxes to hold flowers–so I could ideally solder my wedding monogram on to them–for a while and finally found exactly what I was looking for here.

In addition they have those antique patina votive and vases that I have been coveting at Anthropology. Martha Stewart featured them in the Winter 2010 edition of Weddings in which tables were style by Monique Lhuillier.

Images from Jamali Garden.
Images from Jamali Garden.
Images from Jamali Garden.

My Vintage Travel Save the Dates

My beautiful bridesmaid and owner/operator of Alana Bailey Brand created my awesome save the dates! I just love them!

My 1930s Inspired Save the Date with URL blocked out. Created by Alana Bailey Brand.

After telling Alana of an inspiring vintage wooden sign I saw on the Internet, I emailed her a picture of it. She loved it too and then proceeded to work her magic translating the vintage image into a postcard! Or shall I say, our wedding save the date!

The original image is from 1930s timetable (this is from my detective work based on a similar image with this history). It has a big sun setting its abstract orange rays behind the silhouette of a cerulean Catalina Island. With Alana’s magic as a printmaker she translated this image into the 21st century without losing an ounce of its glory!

Personal Photo.

She added the date of our wedding into the sun, and put our wedding website URL (which is blocked out of the image above for our privacy) so people could go directly to our website for details about the wedding. We didn’t add any of the conventional words like “save the date” or even our names. A while ago I blogged about this–not being sure about if people will miss this wording–on “No ‘Save the Date’ on Your Save the Date?”. No one was confused about what 7.31.2010 stood for–which was a major concern. But a few people didn’t realize that the http://www.x.com was to go to a website. But these people aren’t technical people so it is a bit understandable.

Personal Photo.

We ordered the paper in Cream Lux from papersource.com and used ‘night’ blue colored envelopes.

The envelopes had even more details. Alana put a block of white as a place for us to address them. I used a navy blue ink pen to do this. She also added our return address on back in white text — it was even in the same style script as the “Catalina Island” words on the face of the card. Then she added glittering little waves on the inside of the envelopes for some pizzazz!

The Magnets. Personal Photo.

The finishing touches were when I attached two magnetic strips, cut to fit the two shortest sides of the card so people could hang up the invites on their fridge when they got them.

There you have it! My vintage-inspired wedding save the dates! A little bit homemade/a little bit from the professional. I had a blast collaborating with Alana–she is the best!

“Hey…Save that Wine Cork!”

When I shrieked this to my fiance, as the waiter approached, his hand quickly cupped the cork and placed it on his lap. As if it was something he outright stole. As if I told him to grab the salt shaker because I just had to have it come home with us. It was hilarious seeing him in autopilot as a sneaky one. I’m sure he had no idea what I was up to. So what was/am I up to?

Free from Napa Valley Grill

Answer: Place card settings!

So while I was eating dinner at Napa Valley Grill the next day with the fiance that shriek came out! “Hey…Save that Wine Cork!” I didn’t even know I was gonna do it. All of a sudden I realized that popped bottle of wine could be our first cork!

After visiting BAM in Brooklyn for the bridal event, I started looking around for place card stands like they used. Did you know it is hard to find classy stands? I still have yet to find the no-frills ones they used. I don’t want fortune cookies, sandals, or bride and groom keyboard dusters. And on top of it stands are a bit more money than I expected! I thought they would be at max $1.00 a piece. For the classy ones most are more like $2.00-3.00 a stand.

This is my budget-thinking-cap process: I try to evaluate how important these elements are before I purchase them. Would I be disappointed if the place cards were folded and just set on the table? No. Then $2.50 x 75 people is not worth it. That would be $187 before shipping–and not even including the papers to go inside them which are about $12 for a pack of 12. So in total that would be $300 after all is set and done. This completed my evaluation of the stands as unnecessary.

But, what could I use for free? I thought back to a wedding I saw a few months back at a vineyard. They had wine corks. What if I collected these? Would I drink 75 bottles of wine in 5 months? Probably not but I could Facebook and Twitter it. Maybe we would get lots…for free!

But guess what? I left the restaurant with a gold mine!!! It took a little initiative, but as we were leaving, while Mr. Cali Girl was in the bathroom, I asked the hostess if they had any corks around that they didn’t need. She smiled and said “Yes, actually we do. Lots! How many do you need?!” I let her know and she came back with a big bag. “I don’t know how many are in there but around that!”

I don’t have all that I need but it has officially started the project! So if you know me, send me your cork. I am still collecting 12 more! The best part: the wine cork place card holders go for $2.00 each on beau-coup.com, so wish me luck on my let’s-save-some-money do-it-yourself project!

So Sweet DIY Bridesmaid Cards

These are the most adorable “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Cards. I recently completed my very own paper project (more on that later) and these served as one of my sources of inspiration. So I thought I would share them with you! They are just too fun ‘n sweet to keep to myself. By the way, Once Wed has recently been putting out a lot of posts with step-by-step instructions on how to do some wonderful things. I love personalized things. And crafts projects! Try them out or make something your own!

Image from Once Wed.

Buzzing With Love

“If I were a flower growing wild and free”
“All I’d want you to be is my sweet honey bee”

All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar is my new favorite wedding song (featured in the opening of Juno) This wedding film featured on Style Me Pretty is so sweet it is coated in honey! http://www.stylemepretty.com/2010/01/13/michigan-wedding-iv/

“All I want is you, will you be my bride”
“Take me by the hand, and stay by my side”

“All I want is you, will you stay with me”

Recycled Coffee Cans

Picture 7I am always looking for ideas to 1.) cut costs and 2.) incorporate succulents into my {imagined} tablescape. I especially love how the silvery greens and burnt oranges play off the color of these coffee cans. This would be a great idea for a relaxed, rustic, casual wedding with a vintage theme.

So how much might this D.I.Y. project cost? Pricing out the project it seems to {roughly} be:

1. Potting Soil 1 qt = $1.00
2. Aloe = $9.95
3. Echeveria = $5.15
4. Found cans = free
$16.10 per can

Making Your Own Save the Dates

When I first became engaged I daydreamed of sending out announcements to our friends and family asking them to “Save the Date” for our wedding. I quickly went to Zazzle, an online web site offering hundreds of customizable products, to play around with their postcard template. Oh, and let me say this up front, I am not posting this here because I am excited about sending them out, because I won’t be using this design, but because Zazzle is a great site to use for creative, cheap invitations (50 for $35.00).

posterBefore we decided on a date, or confirmed a venue, I began planning my save the dates inspired by this wedding poster (left). I loved the casual tone and Western theme of the invite “starring” the bride and groom-to-be. One of my running ideas was getting married at a vineyard in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara. A weekend filled with horseback riding, wine tasting, and camping at the beach. This invite captured the fun and rustic charm of the wedding I envisioned. 

zazzleSo here is how I went about creating these save the dates (above). Since the main feature of this postcard is text the style of font was what occupied most of my time. Zazzle features a bunch of fonts to choose from and I love using print and script fonts so this became more of a feature than in the original wedding poster. I used Vineta BT to capture the western “movie poster” feel and Montery to add a little fanciness to our names.

The Zazzle color palette offers a decent range of hues but if you, like me, crave more options just Google “hex color codes” and you will be taken to a color chart to choose from. Since you have the ability to enter in any hex color code into the Zazzle palette, just copy one of these color codes to quickly get Zazzle to use your perfect color. Click here to see the range of blues I chose from for my background. 

Paper has been really inspiring me lately! And if I am excited about these save the dates that will not be printed then you can only imagine how excited I am about our official the save the dates. They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and it is only with the help of the majorly talented designer Alana Bailey that they are coming into existence (yes, they are getting made as I write). I can’t wait to share these with you in the coming weeks! Have a good monday, boho brides.