Wedding Dress Search, From High to Low


Next weekend I will be going to the largest, most famous wedding dress boutique in all the country: Kleinfeld. “Why am I going there?” This is the question that keeps rattling in me. Do I really think that I will find my dress-to-be in this New York landmark? No, not really. But I still really want to go.

One reason why I am not entirely “sold” on Kleinfeld is that I am indecisive when it comes to clothes in general. I always think that the next shop might have something better. Now couple this with the fact that these dresses are f-a-n-c-y. It just all makes me, well, squimish.

So far I have only gone to one wedding dress store, Mark Ingram’s The Bridal Atelier. I could have bought any, and every, dress I tried on. They all were perfect dresses. And not only that, each dress out did the last! The only problem was the price (did I mention this place was on Fifth Ave?). Being that I am more of a J-Crew price girl I am always on the search for upscale white dresses that might just do the trick (honestly more than just the trick). A few months ago I found a ridiculously wonderful used wedding dress at the consignment shop. It was a blush pink creamy chiffon with a flowing train for $99. It stopped me in my tracks. It didn’t quite fit, but it sure would be a steal!

When I opened up 100 Layer Cake this evening I instantly thought, “Yeah, like that.” I remember hearing that “saja” means “calm, serene” in Arabic. Saja is what I need. A beautiful dress, danceable, flowing. Saja Bridal’s website is beautiful too and every dress is under $1,000. With a flagship store in NYC, I might just try to swing by on my Kleinfeld’s outting!


What is your favorite dress, Boho Brides?

Wedding Flowers – Artsy, Organic, Fresh!

Wedding flowers take up way too much of my time. I think my passion for flowers comes from my mother. On all of her days off from work she would go to the nursery for new plants to tend to. We always had the most beautiful garden on the block. 

flowersA white picket fence, climbing star jasmine, sprawling garden roses, brick walkways lined with jacaranda trees. It was all so…lush. 

For my wedding I want this childhood memory wrapped up with a velvet ribbon and an antique handkerchief. However, there is just one or two difficulties with this lovely scenario. 

#1 We are getting married on a small island and there aren’t many options. #2 We don’t have much money (isn’t this always the case). So what is a girl to do?

I have looked into buying flowers from an online bulk flower service but will the flowers arrive on time and in good condition? Should I hire the one florist on the island that looks, well, decent? What is better, relying on your taste and an unreliable supplier or hoping that the one florist on the island is just right for you?