What is Your Style?

There have been a handful of weddings that I have seen on the internet that have totally inspired me. They have proved to be immensely helpful, if even just for me to refer back to. But I’ve sent them to my vendors when trying to describe what I want. Showed them to friends and family members when asking them their opinion on something similar. I loved collecting images that captured a style that I liked. Even if I didn’t know why I liked the wedding, it was totally worthwhile to keep it and often times later on it came in handy.

The wedding between Jill Stonerock & Jason Schwartz was one of my most influential (check out my blog post What Wedding Has Inspired You the Most for more of my favorite nuptials). Rustic but not country. Relaxed but not casual. Beachy but not near the ocean. (?) I don’t know exactly how to describe it. It as if Malibu met Napa and had a baby that they named Austin. Perhaps I just should call it simply what it is…naturally beautiful.

Their wedding is set in one of my favorite wedding venues–The Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse. This location made it into our top five when we were narrowing down where to hold our own wedding. The Farmhouse is actually an old Appalachian home transported to the hills of Los Olivos, which is the most spectacular small town in Central California. Just two hours from Los Angeles and thirty minutes from Santa Barbara. The Farmhouse also could double as accommodations which is pretty nifty. But ultimately we would need to bring in a lot of rentals so it got crossed off our list. But ooh its location adds to this wedding’s rustic beauty!  The view, the rolling hills, it is just majestic.

Besides setting it is also the styling really struck me. Everything looks like it was plucked from mother Earth moments before the wedding! That is the main thing that I ultimately love. Rustic and raw–it so pretty! The greens from the herbs and the purples from the lavender, it is so scrumptious and sensuous. Early on I loved the ideas so using herbs for our wedding and seeing this sealed the deal.

Also, I love having a range of colors for the bridesmaid and MOH dresses. Its a great way to have your most honored girls stand out by having them wear the same dress in a different hue. Everything flows in the wind and with their loose curls all the ladies look so fresh, bohemian and free. Very relaxed and chic! And their organically arranged bouquets and the mini bouquets on the table are so underworked it really seems so new to me.

Was there a wedding that encapsulated your style? Did you collect images for visual reference like me?

Beaded Flower Headpiece

Image from Style Me Pretty. Agnes Lopez Photography.

I love this headpiece! And guess what: It is made from a $12 piece of fabric and beaded flowers that were from a display in a store. This is why art is great. And designers are fabulous! A lot of props for this winter theme, rustic wedding with lots of glamorous details.

Check out the rest of the photoshoot on Style Me Pretty.

Santa Barbara Vineyard Wedding

Image from Style Me Pretty
Image from Style Me Pretty

I love this wedding–not only because it is in my hometown, and not only because having a vineyard wedding was on my list.

Gainey Vineyard was an early contender for a wedding site, Joy de Vivre was who I was going to choose for a planner, and my SBBQ’s menu was already planned (really, there food looks amazing)!

I love the vibe of this wedding. It captures California beautifully. Oak trees in the distance and all!

Beautiful flowers! And what about those lanterns from Z Gallerie?! They are just too great. I am on the look out for lanterns so this adds an option to my growing list. Great job to all those who made the celebration a success!

Casablanca Lanterns from Z Gallerie, $8, $15
Image from Style Me Pretty