Maid of Honor and Sister of the Groom Bohemian Bridesmaid Dresses: Part 2

Sorry I didn’t post this a few day ago like I promised! The women will be wearing Bari Jay #910.

Yippy, the stress of girl attire is now over!

With less than three months left until the wedding there was no time for democracy. (Again, who am I??) I couldn’t wait for unanswered emails. We had to order fast! Only one store was left that would let me order at such a late date–it was time!

Earlier in the process the selected Bari Jay dress made it on to my MOH’s top likes–so that, coupled with the fact that it was romantic, whimsical, flowery, and comes in the perfect shade–made it a go!

Since both bridesmaids are not in the immediate area (one is 2,000 miles away, the other 50 miles), I took matters into my own hands. It was just too difficult to get a final nod from both ladies. Or have them try the dresses on. I waited a month already trying to do so and because of it missed the deadline of my store of choice–RK Bridal.

So back to the dress. Bari Jay #910 is an asymmetrical dress with ruffled flowers going down the strap towards the bust. See the pic of me trying it on above. Isn’t it really cute! It is made with a stretchy, biased cut fabric so it is really comfortable.

The only thing: I am a bit worried about how my ladies will look in it because they are busty. I really wished one of them could have tried it on! But, oh well, it was in the right color–a perfect peach/pink–and the perfect fanciness. So it would have to do! Sorry MOH, it doesn’t have sleeves like you were hoping.

After work I made my way to RK Bridal. Even though I couldn’t order from them it is really convenient to try things on there. No appointments necessary. And besides it was there that I first found it with my niece.

My sister is on the short side, about 5’2″, so my mom thought the shorter version of the dress would look better on her. And since the other bridesmaids are in short dresses too, it was the more sensible thing to do to order the short dress. Even though my heart really goes to the long one. Will the short one look too blocky?? There wasn’t a sample so I couldn’t really picture it.

RK Bridal requires just over three months to complete the transaction. We missed it by two weeks. So instead, we ordered from House of Brides. They offer rushed delivery for $40 extra so the dresses will come in early July. (Can you believe it, a 15 month engagement and I needed them rushed?) The best thing is that both places offer the dresses for a discounted price–basically half price –for $129 so it isn’t too bad economically. But then add $40 rush delivery to both, and $40 for plus size for my sister and it adds back up.

We ordered the color “Tulip” which is very similar to the other bridesmaids’ J-Crew Wild Chambray dresses in Papaya. I was contemplating Chanel which is a bit more pink so there would be really pretty variety of hues. Ultimately Tulip won!

So what do you think of the choice, Boho Brides? Will the MOH & SOG dresses go with the other dresses? Have you had a frustrating experience with your bridesmaid dresses?

Maid of Honor & Sister of the Groom Dress

Last week I had a terrible stomach flu. I felt terrible for almost two weeks straight. In the middle of my sickness was the deadline to order dresses for my Maid of Honor and Sister of the Groom. (There is going to be a freakout moment…you can tell, right?)

Originally I sent my Sister of the Groom a list of four dresses to choose from, directing her to order the one that she likes the most. I thought that I had it very clear, with lots of options–so surely she would like one of them. There was (1) a classic chiffon a-line with a v-neck and straps that I thought anyone would deem it worthy, (2) a strapless silk taffeta dress with a big bow that would speak to a fashionista, (3) a more beachy empire-waist chiffon dress, and then (4) a more of a classic bridesmaid strapless chiffon dress. She would select Rosebud (a more subdued and elegant rosey orange) if in Taffeta fabric or Deep Rose (a brighter reddish peach) if in Chiffon.

But my Sister of the Goom never ordered! A few months passed. So then I mentioned that she and my sister could match, she can just get what my sister gets. It would be easy.

The only problem with this that I didn’t realize when I made these suggestion: my Maid of Honor sister is plus size, my Sister of the Groom is not. It is VERY hard to find dresses that run both plus size and regular sizes in my style and in the color I wanted. I wanted a papaya, not a coral. A deep rose, not a mauve. Even a blush pink would do, but not a fuschia! Oh, what have I become?!

I was hoping my gals would only spend $100 or $150 so I was looking for brands that they could find in the mall. Ordering a “bridesmaid dress” is always much more expensive so I was avoid this option but put the deadline in my head just in case: 3 months until the wedding.

So in the middle of my stomach flu the deadline hit. The days leading up to it were of a hysteria–me, little ole me, roaming the mall after work, then breaking down crying because I was so frustrated and tired. What I did find at the mall that would match my theme wasn’t the right color. When it was the right color my sister didn’t like it.

So after this fiasco I broke down and decided they would need to order real “bridesmaid dresses.” With that extra bit of money your selected dress comes in dozens of color shades to choose from in sizes 0-32. Come on! It only made sense! And I wouldn’t go crazy!!! So look for the post tomorrow with the dress I selected.

How Big Is Your Wedding Party?

Mr. Cali Girl and I decided on our wedding party pretty easily. With somewhat disregard for the traditional number of attendants we should have.

Image from Katee's Wedding.

So, yeah, it was pretty easy deciding on who. My advice is to stick with your instincts.

I wanted to represent each stage of my life–from little kid to high school to college to present. My sister is my “Maid of Honor” and represents the little me, while my other bridesmaids represent high school college. I decided to have Mr. Cali Girl’s sister and nieces in the wedding, and they will represent the current stage of my life–my life in New Jersey! Mr. Cali Girl’s sister will be a bridesmaid but called “sister of the groom.” I just couldn’t make her another “Maid of Honor” thinking that would take away from my sister (and best friend). Mr. Cali Girl’s 3 nieces (my mini-BFFs!) are junior bridesmaids. While the other 2 nieces will be flower girls. And to top it off my nephew will be the ringbearer.

Mr. Cali Girl knew from the get-go that he wanted to include his longtime friends to be his groomsmen. He asked all six of them all the day he told them we were engaged. Only now (11 months later) he having second thoughts about not including some of his other family members in the wedding. Should he have instead included his half brother? Brother-in-law? My brother-in-law? I say keep with what his gut told him, but we will see if the wedding party grows!

But should we invite more groomsmen to equal out the girls?

So currently our count is 6 groomsmen, 1 ringbearer, 5 bridesmaids, 3 junior bridesmaids, 2 flowergirls. And a total of 17 in the wedding party and less than 100 guests. They say 2-4 attendants per 50 guests, and we have about three times this for a wedding roughly the same size!

I think I may need to invite more people! Hmm…