Groomsmen Attire

Finding the perfect groomsmen outfit was harder than finding bridesmaid dresses! Much harder. After visiting Men’s Warehouse and trying on suits we realized we didn’t want a tuxedo. It was going to be too stiff, too heavy, and too much for a more casual outdoor wedding. The problem with was finding a suit that would work.

Rental stores are so good because they have different styles in stock, purchasing is less time sensitive–the three month turn over in mall stores becomes even more of a rush when trying for a hard to find size–and really, it requires minimal effort from the dudes. There is a clerk that knows what they need once they drop the wedding party’s name so they aren’t left to hunt for the right things all by themselves. Typically getting the guys to the rental store and on time is something that us brides go crazy trying to coordinate! And rightfully so!!

Our pick for the groomsmen

We tried to find a seersucker suit or a more casual tan suit at a rental store. But to no avail. We tried the main department stores but everything was too expensive to ask our groomsmen to purchase (we were already asking them to travel across the country so we wanted minimal cost). We looked at H&M, Zara, and UNIQLO trying to find low price items–and we did, but not in the range of sizes we needed (darn international slim sizes!).

We found our perfect outfit at a regular mall store called Express. It was exactly the style we wanted and it feel within the $150 or less budget we were hoping for. It was a seersucker vest and pants. I absolutely loved the seersucker vest look for the country club! It was perfect! We tried to take advantage of what the boys already had like white dress shirts and casual white shoes to save them money as well.

Image from Express

Below is a letter we sent to our groomsmen (originally with links but now outdated).


Hey Groomsmen,
Here is what you should do while stores are stocked this month:
1. Sign up for a “15% off your next purchase” coupon
2. Purchase the following groomsmen attire (in-store or online)

Basically the outfit is a vest, pants, and white shirt (picture of the outfit is attached–we are not wearing ties).





Image from


We sent this in April–you would think they wouldn’t wait until July to buy!! Well they did–well, two of them did and that screwed everything up! That left me in panic mode. Three groomsmen had the entire outfit. But one of them now couldn’t fit into his vest.  One person only bought the pants and (in July) couldn’t find a vest. The bestman didn’t buy a thing thinking that we would automatically buy his since he was the “best” man. So we were down three vests, one pant.

For one entire weekend I bought every single seersucker vest I could find–that I could afford. Thankfully a lot were on sale at Macy’s (Bones & Rags, DKNY, Nautica) but they were not the same fabric, color, style of our Express outfits. I figured as long as they were in seersucker vests we would be okay, but I wasn’t excited about it. Some vests had navy blue stripes, some tan, some thin, some wide, some wrinkly fabric. One word: Headache!!


Our variety of groomsmen attire

I ended up with 6 miscellaneous vests unsure what was going to fit, bought an extra jacket thinking the best man could wear that if the others didn’t work, I found the missing pants at Express after going to three different locations!

The other thing that happened: we planned on Mr. Pashmina wearing the matching jacket so he would be a dressier than the groomsmen, but still matching. He didn’t fit into it! We never tried it on when we first settled on it so we were left to find another suit. Thankfully this wasn’t in July. But still…

In the end everything worked out, but I didn’t know how it was going to look until I was at the aisle! I left it for my groom to figure out.

Hairstyles: Long Waves

The long, loose curl that is effortlessly cascading down a bride. I just adore it! Romantic and beautiful with just that perfect touch of natural. I am sifting through some of the pictures that I took to my wedding day hair trial. I, like so many brides, had to decide between three basic hairstyles for the big day: up, down or half-up. Which version for the wedding? Would there be time for two? I was instantly drawn to having my hair down. This is what I usually wear most days, so it feels like me. Very feminine, a little casual and made perfect with a white dress (and perhaps a flower too)! Here are a few inspiration pictures for long, bohemian waves.

Vintage Rustic Romantic Affair

Image from Style Me Pretty.
Image Style Me Pretty
Image from Style Me Pretty

This beautiful and delicate wedding is perfect for the city girl who loves being a little bit country. Yep, that is me. I love strolling through the oak groves in Southern California. This wedding reminds me of Socal Country Chic. And I totally recognize the location.

The Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse, is an Appalachian home transported to Southern California wine country. When I first got engaged I inquired about this place thinking it would be perfect. And it was, but at the time the rental fee was a bit high. But, having known now what I know: most place are the same, I would have gone ahead and booked.

I love the way the tablescape is decorated with tea cups, birch wood table numbers, red and white straws. It is perfect for my peach color schemes and my vintage vibe. So much rustic ambiance! So much country flavor! A just perfect romantic affair! Perfect inspiration!

A Bohemian Wedding in Oregon

Image from Once Wed.

One of my purposes in creating this blog is to helpfully arrange bohemian-style weddings. So it is great when, in my everyday Internet searching, I find a real wedding that fits the bill.

This wedding in Portland, Oregon is so spot on it is wonderful. The perfect mixture of casual simplicity with eclectic elegance. I love the feathered necklace and earrings with the texture & airy dress. The setting is straight out of a nymph fairytale with the coastal fog rolling in, the wildflowers in full bloom and love in the air.

For more images stop by the sites Frolic or Once Wed.

Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden has great decor for centerpieces. I have been looking for wooden boxes to hold flowers–so I could ideally solder my wedding monogram on to them–for a while and finally found exactly what I was looking for here.

In addition they have those antique patina votive and vases that I have been coveting at Anthropology. Martha Stewart featured them in the Winter 2010 edition of Weddings in which tables were style by Monique Lhuillier.

Images from Jamali Garden.
Images from Jamali Garden.
Images from Jamali Garden.

Groom Idea #2 – A Fine Chino Suit with a Blue Collar

With Outfit Idea #2 it is a bit more dressed up than Outfit Idea #1.

Our wedding palette is based on peaches and pinks so this khaki brown would compliment it beautifully. Mr. Cali Girl has a warm complexion and he usually looks really good in chino.

With a little rugged, blue collar casual addition of the utility shirt and suede shoes my groom might actually like it!

Check out the clothes on

Has to match these colors:

Groom Ideas #1-#5: Resort to Rugged

Since the girls are almost all decided upon, it is now time for me to work on what the guys will be wearing. My groom doesn’t like to shop. Not in the slightest. I have asked him what he wants to wear, he says whatever I want him to. This is good and bad. As if I don’t have enough to pick out, I will now dress my groom.

These are the guidelines from Mr. Groom: Nothing that he will sweat easily in, something comfortable, blue is his favorite color, he doesn’t like ties.

personal photo

Miss Bride-to-be’s requirements: It has to match my girls! All the dresses are either ruffly, have flowers, and are a shade near pink. More bohemian than dressy.

This is what I am trying reaching for with the groom’s attire: a.) casual yet still stylish, b.) something that can hold up to a soft flowing wedding dress, c.) something “country club” or “destination” or “resort” wear (we are getting married on an island in a country club after all!).

Above is my attempt at an outfit. I call it Outfit #1 – Resort. My night in shining armor looking as if he just walked off a boat. Not quite sure if it is right in line with the rest of my vision which is a bit more “romantic” and rustic!

With Outfit Idea #2 it is a bit more dressed up than Outfit Idea #1.

Since our wedding palette is based on peaches and pinks so this khaki brown would compliment it beautifully. Mr. Cali Girl has a warm complexion and he usually looks really good in chino. With a little rugged, blue collar casual addition of the utility shirt and suede shoes my groom might actually like it!

An unbuttoned shirt paired with a light khaki suit is the idea behind Outfit Idea #3. Matched with a linen pocket square for a little more umph. The look and feel is very light. The best part is it just screams wedding!

Outfit Idea #4 capitalizes on shades of browns and blues. You really can’t go wrong using the one or two colors in a range of shades. I find the color of the tie with a brighter blue shirt to be particularly exciting and new feeling! Check out the clothes on and Tommy Bahama. It would need to go with these colors:

Outfit Idea #5 is something you just can’t go wrong with. Not so bohemian, not so casual, not so destination but it is always a winner in my book. How would it pair with the wedding colors…does black, brown, tan or blue go best?

*all images from J-Crew unless noted otherwise.