Junior Bridesmaid Dress

On Saturday I purchased my junior bridesmaids dresses!! I love them! They are just too adorable. And hopefully my juniors think they are too!

I can’t locate the correct dress on J-Crew’s Crewcut website but they are similar to the pink ruffled dresses. They only carry up to size 12 in J-Crew stores so I purchased this for the 9 year old. The 11 year old’s size 16 will arrive in the mail after its backorder date of February 18th.

I added the Florette Sash in Pale Lilac (a women’s accessory) for a little definition. My plan is to add a snap to the sash so they stay on tight all night. The belt on the sash is made of slippery satin and I don’t want my girls constantly pulling and tying their belts. Check it out (the background shirt is similar to the Papaya dresses the older bridesmaids will be wearing).

Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress: A Lighter Shade

I love seeing pictures of weddings with the bridesmaid in shades of almost white — be it a darker, lighter, or in a soft color like shell pink. There is something so beautiful about a bunch of women in shades of white. One idea I am thinking about is telling the bridesmaids to come in a cream colored dress in a short style (so to stand out as a bride in a longer dress). Or how about one of these shade of white dresses?

Image from Sarah Sevens.
Image from Shop Ruche.
Image fom Calypso St. Barths
Image from J Crew.
Image from Calypso St. Barths.
Image from J Crew.
Image from 100 Layer Cake.

Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress

Martha Stewart’s wedding blog, The Bride’s Guide, posted the beautiful bridesmaid dress for Lela Rose‘s new collection. It is like a burst of sunshiney goodness! This incorporates all my loves: ruffled petals, surprising color combinations, and quirky charm.

Image from The Bride's Guide.

I am searching for sweetheart neckline, short dresses from my bridesmaids. Perhaps tea length like this one.

This dress is amazing but if I could fabricate a cheaper version, this is how I would do it.

1. Find a basic sweetheart dress

2. Find fabric that is the same hue

3. Cut out petals

4. Using a contrasting thread stitch around each petal either by using the sewing machine on the zigzag stitch or by using embroidery floss

5. Layer the petals in a flower shape on the dress and secure them

6. Then swirl a rectangular swatch of fabric–or even a piece of lace or some type of decal–to create the center of the flower then secure it to the dress.


Has a dress ever inspired you to make your own version when the original isn’t quite within your budget?