J-Crew Wedding Dress Update

A beso for J-Crew because…

I just booked an appointment at the Short Hills, Mall in New Jersey! They finally have bridal boutiques in stores. When I first began my dress search last year and wanted to try on dresses it was a cruel disappointment, “What, I have to buy it online just to try it on??” Now times have changed. I can discard my disappointment and give big sigh of relief. So, J-Crew, thank you for answering my letter to you — and just in time for my rush to find the perfect dress!

Look for a post next week after my I meet my favorites dresses at my appointment.

The Frock – Vintage

I love history. I love books. I love legacy.

I have been toying with the idea of wearing a vintage gown because I love the notion of wearing something that another woman wore with such excitement. As if this inanimate object gets even more and more happier, blessed, beautiful with each person wearing it. Other reasons why to buy a vintage gown: knowing that there will not be hundreds of brides wearing your dress and the ability to choose from a wide variety of styles (from Victorian to Edwardian to Deco to Flapper).

The Frock, an online vintage dress boutique, is a fun place to start “thinking” about a vintage dress. They have a great buyer so it is easy to explore well designed dresses and get your first exposure to the different decades.

A little pricey (they do offer layaway!) but if you are interested in a truly authentic vintage gown by a well known designer this is your place!

BCBG Update

So on Wednesday I went back to try on that BCBG lace dress that I posted about last week. I kept on thinking about it.

Primarily I because I hadn’t really considered lace before, I wasn’t quite sure how horizontal lines would translate on my body, and because I love the idea of finding a dress not meant to be a wedding dress (if anything has wedding in the title the price doubles).

Here are some photos:

David’s Bridal

Last night — on a complete whim — I stopped off at David’s Bridal in New Jersey. It is in the same shopping center as A.C. Moore (where I was suppose to go) and I figured, “Why not just take a look at what they have to offer!? Why haven’t I even considered them yet?” Well, I sort of know why. I am a bit of a no-Kmart, no-Walmart type of gal and to me David’s Bridal is a bit in that category. The pros and cons about David’s Bridal are the same for all those big megastores — they fit lots of girls, so there is something for everyone but at the same time it can come off as generic and cheap. But this was my feeling going into the store, coming out I have to say I was pretty impressed with what they had to offer. The styles were less prom queen / early 90s / super shiny than what I had imagined. On a budget note, they are offering a deal right now for $25, $50 or $100 off these gowns which is dependent on the price (all below are normally price between $399 to $850). The saleswoman, who was amazingly sweet named Mag, says the sale will pause for a bit then reappear in one or two months.

Have you ever vetoed something only to reconsider it later?

*all images are personal photos

very light and flowy - but also almost see through
flower beading on the bodice with just a hint of pinks and blues
chiffon flower and asymmetrical wrap
grecian and structured
the wild card, this was mag's pick - she said it is perfect for my tall frame (5'8")
feeling a little like carrie in "sex in the city" -- high neck collar, back of buttons, and russian blusher