Saja Gowns with Watery Eyes

Well I said I had two requirements: to feel beautiful and for the dress to cost $1500 dollars or less. But I quickly realized that I didn’t want a typical gown. I liked the “bridal alternatives,” the “destination gowns,” and anything made from chiffon. They were ethereal and appealed to my bohemian sensibility. So after seeing beautiful pictures for Saja gowns I quickly made my appointment.

Image from 100 Layer Cake

But then this is when the happiness stops. My best friend backed out on me the day before the appointment and I was feeling really sad that no one from my new family was interested in going to bridal dress appointments with me. I really wanted my own family to come with me since I thought these dresses were surely going to be the one. But they were 2,500 miles away on the opposite coast! So I went into the appointment feeling very low. I didn’t even ask any of my other friends to come with me when my other friend backed out. I was just depressed, wishing I could share this experience with my mom and sister.

Then the abrupt clerk hit me where it hurt within 5 minutes into the appointment. “You really should bring someone when you come to these appointments. Why didn’t you bring anyone?” Never did I feel so hurt…I felt as if I had no one…no one was available, no one wanted to come, no one was as excited about me for this. My eyes were welling up as she led me into the dressing room and I told her “No one could come.” And then she pressed the point further. “Well try these on now. Then come back when you can bring someone. Really, no one could come? You need to get a friend’s opinion who knows your style. Who do you know who knows your style?” I took a deep breath and told her “I know my style” and pulled the curtain shut with a bit of a New York attitude.

And there were three that I really, really liked. They were effortlessly pretty.

And if they made me feel pretty even while I was feeling so low then they certainly were possibilities. The wide-strap one made me feel long and lean, the strapless one had beautiful draping and had my favorite blush color, and the leaves on the other one seemed Grecian which I liked (although it was two sizes too small and didn’t look great actually on). And all under $800, so that could definitely could work for me.

When my fiance and his friend picked me up at the store after the appointment they could read that I wasn’t feeling myself. Asking me, “You didn’t like any of them?” I replied, “I did. I just didn’t have fun.”  I remember thinking, wedding planning was making me feel so lonely. But without giving it a second thought, and in the company of my some of my favorite people, I emailed my mom and sister pics of the dresses. And then did nothing related to weddings with the two boys and had the best time!

Did your moods ever get the better of you during one of your bridal appointments? Did you ever go at it alone wishing you were with an entourage?

Inspiration: Pink & Peach Garden Wedding

Image from Style Me Pretty.
Image from Style Me Pretty.

Yes, peach, blush pink and coral are my the main colors to my own wedding. So I have pretty much been obsessed with anything that captures these colors plus the feeling that I want for my own wedding. All the romanticism, all the softness, all the outdoor garden loveliness. This inspiration board is just dreamy in my eyes!

As a bohemian bride I am someone that loves whimsical weddings that combine vintage elements in a relaxed way that brings in nature. I love the crates filled with ruffled flowers. The apricots that overflow. The bride’s Saja wedding gown. It is all so yummy. So feast for yourself, Boho brides.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

Wedding Dress Search, From High to Low


Next weekend I will be going to the largest, most famous wedding dress boutique in all the country: Kleinfeld. “Why am I going there?” This is the question that keeps rattling in me. Do I really think that I will find my dress-to-be in this New York landmark? No, not really. But I still really want to go.

One reason why I am not entirely “sold” on Kleinfeld is that I am indecisive when it comes to clothes in general. I always think that the next shop might have something better. Now couple this with the fact that these dresses are f-a-n-c-y. It just all makes me, well, squimish.

So far I have only gone to one wedding dress store, Mark Ingram’s The Bridal Atelier. I could have bought any, and every, dress I tried on. They all were perfect dresses. And not only that, each dress out did the last! The only problem was the price (did I mention this place was on Fifth Ave?). Being that I am more of a J-Crew price girl I am always on the search for upscale white dresses that might just do the trick (honestly more than just the trick). A few months ago I found a ridiculously wonderful used wedding dress at the consignment shop. It was a blush pink creamy chiffon with a flowing train for $99. It stopped me in my tracks. It didn’t quite fit, but it sure would be a steal!

When I opened up 100 Layer Cake this evening I instantly thought, “Yeah, like that.” I remember hearing that “saja” means “calm, serene” in Arabic. Saja is what I need. A beautiful dress, danceable, flowing. Saja Bridal’s website is beautiful too and every dress is under $1,000. With a flagship store in NYC, I might just try to swing by on my Kleinfeld’s outting!


What is your favorite dress, Boho Brides?