Bridesmaid Dresses & Colors Schemes

I finally decided on the bridesmaid dresses for my ladies! And thus gotten much closer to finalizing my color scheme. My wedding colors are primarily amber, blush pink, peach, and deep rose! Here is an inspiration board with the natural, earthy, orange-pink I am imagining.

Settling on these colors is mostly due to finding this J-Crew dress:

j-crew strapless chambray wild rose dress

I have been in love with J-Crew’s chiffon bridesmaid line, especially in the color Deep Rose (dusty peach) since beginning my wedding planning. But the cost of the bridesmaid dresses were a bit more than I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to spend ($165-$275). My goal was to find something between $50-$100. To find something “casually elegant” a.k.a. something that captured a destination/relaxed/fun/romantic feeling while at the same time could be fancy enough for a wedding. Something that would fall in a color between champagne to soft pink to coral orange.

So here is a picture of the fabric swatches from J-Crew.  My Sister of the Groom will be wearing a chiffon dress in Deep Rose. My three Bridesmaids will wear the Strapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress in Papaya (a new arrival for spring).

From left to right: soft shell, papaya, deep rose, rosebud.

The eldest Junior Bridesmaids will wear the Twist Tank Dress in Soft Shell. While the other two Junior Bridesmaids will be wearing dresses in the same shade but in a different style—I am not entirely sure which dress but perhaps this one that isn’t on their website yet (it is a ruffled dress with a sweetheart neckline). I am going to try to find something similar to Rosebud for my Maid of Honor who is a bit larger than J-Crew’s sizing.

I am so excited! This is a big check mark off my to-do list!

Wedding Palette – Ocean & Sunset

a happy palette

I am rethinking my wedding palette. Okay, I’m having a bit of a freakout moment. Selecting wedding colors has by far been the hardest thing to do (by a landslide). As of right now my wedding palette is: blush pink, peach, aqua and marigold (newly termed Vintage Beach).  Think sunny, beach, relaxed, happy, romantic.

artwork: vintage beach by orangetopatos

But should I refine it? I think it is difficult to find bridesmaid dresses of these colors that aren’t an arm and a leg (the closest matches are often called Papaya, Aqua, and Lemon and that is not it!). I really like the colors blush pink and navy together. This could be an exciting combo–only two colors (this is good) while capturing the feeling I want (this is great). But from the start of my wedding palette ideas peach was always involved (it was first amber, blush pink, and peach). I originally changed it because there wasn’t enough color (should I revert?).

these are the colors i love

Would blush pink, peach and navy be too odd? What about blush pink, teal, fushia, navy–just like the clothing line I loved last outing to Saks? It is a little more “dusty” and subdued (not so colorful, aka refined) but still Vintage Beach. I love chiffon navy dresses and these would be beautiful. Perhaps it will be based off of the vintage beach digital artwork I found while Googling “Vintage Beach”!

A Bison Theme Wedding

Reed Saxon/Associated Press

One of the most unique features of Catalina Island is the hearty population of Bison. Originally brought to the island for the 1920s silent film “The Vanishing American.” By the 1960s the island had 600. Now they must control the population because they are disrupting the indigenous species and vegetation. The Catalina Conservancy has responded to the overpopulation by shipping the Bisonata (a breed that is part cow, part Bison) to South Dakota and injecting the females with egg blocking medicine. They choose to keep some around because they are now an icon of Catalina.

Last year while riding the ferry we approached the island and could see the Bison roaming the cliffs and canyons. It is almost magical to see the golden earth, dark brown Bison, dark green oak trees floating above beautifully bright aqua water.

It is magical. As a Central California girl, I love the ranch, the natural California landscape, the rugged cliffs and canyons. Should I use this rugged, shaggy animal as an iconic element in my wedding? It is a bit of an annoyance to the Islanders, but unique memory of the island…

Athenaeum – NVFAA

A beautiful wedding photoshoot – to showcase the Athenaeum at the North Virginia Fine Arts Association — photos by Kate Headley, flowers by Holly Chapple, styling by Ritzy Bee Events, et al. If I was in the mid-Atlantic this photoshoot might just sway me to rent the Athenaeum for a November wedding and rejoice in a vintage Americana wedding. I absolutely love the texture, colors and sensuousness of the flowers. Peach and sage go so well together especially with accents of yellow and browns. My appreciation for the right balance of what looks supremely artistically coordinated but the feeling of wildflowers effortlessly put together. Brava, Holly! And Boho Brides, check out the hair style below. A very beautiful spin on an an up-do with the braid, flower, and twirling ends.

Color Palette in Automatic Pilot

avalon-catalina-island How do you create your inspiration? A few weeks back when I was in color palette craze I was inspired by photos of my wedding site. With this application that I discovered while reading eLucky Me you can upload a photo and it will automatically generate swatches of the colors contained in the image.

It is so simple: upload photo, press “Create” and there you have it! A dozen or so colors matching your picture. The colors are “titled” with their color names, which really helps me conceptualize them. I mean, there is a big difference in “Bermuda Blue” and “Regal Blue” but I don’t think that I would be fully aware of this difference without them being named this.

So what colors make up this Avalon image? Monsoon (grayish purple), Big Stone (blueish grey), Cyprus (blueish green), Napa (khaki), horizon (dusty blue), Madras (cargo green), Hot Curry (yellow ochre brown)…the only bummer is that it didn’t capture any of the “Terra Cotta Red” in the picture. I wonder what it would title it.

Check out Big Huge Labs!!

Boho Makes a Decision – And The Winner Is…

I finally decided on my color theme and palette. One draw back of loving lots of styles, and especially mix-n-match styles, is that it can lead you down a path of indecision and infinite possibilities.

So last week I put my foot down and said enough is enough. It is not the last party that I am going to plan!  It is does not mean that I favor one color combination above all other glorious color combinations!  No!  It is just choosing one option among many, many beautiful options. This is how I ultimately made the decision…

I made a file on my computer with my favorite pictures that captured a color theme-vibe-style I liked. I asked my fiance  which one he liked best. And this is what he chose:

Image from Once Wed.

It took him less than a minute. And a easy going, “I like the succulent one.” My reply, “So you want to go with that for our wedding?” And his (this is why I am marrying him) easy going response, “Yeah, I like that. I like the succulents and the colors. Why not…”

So our colors will be peaches and pinks with hits of blueish greens. If you are a color enthusiast like me this translates to blush pink, soft peach and rose with nostalgic hints of sage, olive, aquas and marigolds. The feeling of a breezy, summer beach day…Oh, and I have to warn you that my favorite color–soft coral–is bound to get involved too!

Image from Once Wed.

As for my theme it is all based on Catalina Island. A little bit ranch, a little bit beach. I definitely want to incorporate the vibe of the picture of the flowers above. It is very boho-chic and that is very much me! I love the natural, the organic, and the earthy elements that the image captures. Nature is so beautiful. It need not be overworked!

So if you have any ideas on how to incorporate the natural beauty of the landscape — a landscape dotted with succulents, Island Grey Foxes, Bison, and rugged coastlines– add a comment!

Image from Flickr: Si1very's photostream.

It’s time to get started!

Selecting Wedding Colors — From Wheat & White to ROYGBVI

I am getting closer to deciding on my wedding color palette. Well, closer, to me, means a few more inches in opposite directions. I keep telling myself “Come on already! Almost everything is dependent upon it!” Can I not just choose the standard two colors and be done with it? Not without a little more consideration. 

Color Palette #1 — Wheat & White
There is something so beautiful and natural about this color combo. It feels effortlessly elegant and it would be easy to stick with. Key words: Earthy, California, Natural Beauty. But would I miss playing with color? I just might…


Color Palette #2:  Sunset, Succulent, and Ocean
Hues of peaches, corals, blues, greens reflecting the beach cottage feel of summer. Happy, whimsical, and relaxed.



Color Palette #3: Herbal — Sage, Lavender, Yellow
Nothing is more romantic than the smell of herbs, the feel of herbs, the taste of herbs. 


Color Palette #4: California Bungalow
Hibiscus orange, bougainvillea red, italian pine, and sky blue. I am thinking a summer picnic from the Farmer’s Market (strawberries and wildflowers). 

diy-boutonnieres16a00d83451e44269e20120a5248fa5970c-800wiColor Palette #5: Peach, Blush, Champagne
When first thinking of my wedding I wanted a romantic glow of candlelight. These are the colors I imagined.

Help me choose my colors, Boho Brides. What color palette most inspires you the most? 

my wedding: california’s catalina island