Catalina Inspired Table Numbers

So I have been playing around a bit in my sketch book–playing with the idea of using native California and Catalina Island animals for table numbers. I found a great site that lists and describes all the endemic animal species. Cataina Island is like a little Galapagos Island so there are a lot of animals that are very specific to the island. I like the idea of using animals instead of flowers because it feels a little bit more rustic–like the island. But will this be too much? Should I go for the more refined numbers?

Pictured Below Left to Right:

The Catalina Island Fox, Allen’s Hummingbird, California Quail, Bald Eagle, Saw-whet Owl, Lady Bug, Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelican, Avalon Hairstreak Butterfly to name a few. Would you leave out the adorable Deer Mouse, well, because he is a mouse and may not make the guests so hungry? What about the bat for the same reasons?

Drawing by Miss Cali Girl

There are a few things for me to think about logistically.

Should they be framed cards on the table? Standing upright with a clip?

Should I have a drawing of the animal on the front of the card and a number on the back? Or should I incorporate a number into the design of the face of the card? Should I put a smaller version of the animal on the escort card and no number on the table number?

Things to think about!


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