Hairstyles: The Half-Up

Image from the Knotty Bride
Image from the Knotty Bride

Lily & Frank’s wedding is one of my personal favorites. A backyard wedding with sweet, beautiful and heartfelt details. Lily’s hair is half-up with loose curls and two flowers pinning it in place. This is one of the hairstyles currently in the running. What do you think is elegant enough to walk down the aisle? Romantic enough to suit my girly personality?

Image from the Knotty Bride
Image from the Knotty Bride

My Vintage Travel Save the Dates

My beautiful bridesmaid and owner/operator of Alana Bailey Brand created my awesome save the dates! I just love them!

My 1930s Inspired Save the Date with URL blocked out. Created by Alana Bailey Brand.

After telling Alana of an inspiring vintage wooden sign I saw on the Internet, I emailed her a picture of it. She loved it too and then proceeded to work her magic translating the vintage image into a postcard! Or shall I say, our wedding save the date!

The original image is from 1930s timetable (this is from my detective work based on a similar image with this history). It has a big sun setting its abstract orange rays behind the silhouette of a cerulean Catalina Island. With Alana’s magic as a printmaker she translated this image into the 21st century without losing an ounce of its glory!

Personal Photo.

She added the date of our wedding into the sun, and put our wedding website URL (which is blocked out of the image above for our privacy) so people could go directly to our website for details about the wedding. We didn’t add any of the conventional words like “save the date” or even our names. A while ago I blogged about this–not being sure about if people will miss this wording–on “No ‘Save the Date’ on Your Save the Date?”. No one was confused about what 7.31.2010 stood for–which was a major concern. But a few people didn’t realize that the was to go to a website. But these people aren’t technical people so it is a bit understandable.

Personal Photo.

We ordered the paper in Cream Lux from and used ‘night’ blue colored envelopes.

The envelopes had even more details. Alana put a block of white as a place for us to address them. I used a navy blue ink pen to do this. She also added our return address on back in white text — it was even in the same style script as the “Catalina Island” words on the face of the card. Then she added glittering little waves on the inside of the envelopes for some pizzazz!

The Magnets. Personal Photo.

The finishing touches were when I attached two magnetic strips, cut to fit the two shortest sides of the card so people could hang up the invites on their fridge when they got them.

There you have it! My vintage-inspired wedding save the dates! A little bit homemade/a little bit from the professional. I had a blast collaborating with Alana–she is the best!

“Have You Set a Date Yet?”

We LOVE Summer. So a Summer Wedding It Had to Be! Personal Photo.

Mr. Pashmina and I went on our first date on my birthday. This sucks because it is BOTH my birthday and our anniversary on one day. I don’t like this for two reasons: #1. I usually go see my family in California around this time. Since my sister’s birthday is the day before mine so we usually take the two days and celebrate together. If Mr. Pashmina goes with me then it is great, but it isn’t always just us. And if Mr. Pashmina doesn’t go then I am without him for our anniversary. And if I decide to stay in NYC to be with him I feel as if I am missing out, and always miss my family. #2. I get one holiday when it really is two. Call me spoiled.

So when planning our wedding date I knew that this would be a big day for the two of us. We were going to celebrate this day over our current anniversary. When picking the day I wanted to avoid all existing holidays and family member’s birthdays. If we could avoid it there wouldn’t be any double celebrations this time!!

The second factor that I considered, which was SUPER important was school holidays. Since one of our families would be coming from the opposite coast, we wanted to make sure it would be practical for all children and parents to attend. Spring break, winter break, and summer break were the best choses. Next best would be the smaller three day weekends–but again these are usually holidays.

The third factor, we had to have an outdoors ceremony. This was the only thing I was dead set about. So that meant we needed a date that would be suitable for an outdoor ceremony.

And a fourth related factor, we wanted it to be bright, sunny and cheery. I HATE winter on the East Coast and spring time is so finicky with all the rain. So that left fall and summer. Mr. Pashmina and I LOVE autumn but we are so busy in October selling pumpkins at his family’s farm.

So summer it was meant to be. School doesn’t get out until late June. My work’s busy season isn’t finished until July 23rd. So the THE EARLIEST Saturday we could get married would be July 31st.

This would be the day! There aren’t any family or national holidays around this time. The season is just right. Everyone would have ample time to vacation afterwards in August. I love the way the sun sets in late summer, the colors, the flowers, the smells! It was all set! We had our day!!

How did you decide on your date?

Boho Makes a Decision – And The Winner Is…

I finally decided on my color theme and palette. One draw back of loving lots of styles, and especially mix-n-match styles, is that it can lead you down a path of indecision and infinite possibilities.

So last week I put my foot down and said enough is enough. It is not the last party that I am going to plan!  It is does not mean that I favor one color combination above all other glorious color combinations!  No!  It is just choosing one option among many, many beautiful options. This is how I ultimately made the decision…

I made a file on my computer with my favorite pictures that captured a color theme-vibe-style I liked. I asked my fiance  which one he liked best. And this is what he chose:

Image from Once Wed.

It took him less than a minute. And a easy going, “I like the succulent one.” My reply, “So you want to go with that for our wedding?” And his (this is why I am marrying him) easy going response, “Yeah, I like that. I like the succulents and the colors. Why not…”

So our colors will be peaches and pinks with hits of blueish greens. If you are a color enthusiast like me this translates to blush pink, soft peach and rose with nostalgic hints of sage, olive, aquas and marigolds. The feeling of a breezy, summer beach day…Oh, and I have to warn you that my favorite color–soft coral–is bound to get involved too!

Image from Once Wed.

As for my theme it is all based on Catalina Island. A little bit ranch, a little bit beach. I definitely want to incorporate the vibe of the picture of the flowers above. It is very boho-chic and that is very much me! I love the natural, the organic, and the earthy elements that the image captures. Nature is so beautiful. It need not be overworked!

So if you have any ideas on how to incorporate the natural beauty of the landscape — a landscape dotted with succulents, Island Grey Foxes, Bison, and rugged coastlines– add a comment!

Image from Flickr: Si1very's photostream.

It’s time to get started!