A Sweet Life

Image from Style Me Pretty. Agnes Lopez Photography.

Check out this adorable post from Style Me Pretty by Agnes Lopez and Liza Chung.

Image from Style Me Pretty. Agnes Lopez Photography.

I love the yellow and blue colors. With gradual shades of wheat, daffodil, and cream the yellows are vibrant and spring-like. While the blues range from a soft turquoise to a baby blue and feel as if they are a breath of fresh air! And, as Style Me Pretty always has, the details are perfect: lemon head candies, sparking lemonade bottles, and classic honey bee bears it is all too sweet! Oh, and speaking of the bears, I love the idea of decorating a cake stand in unconventional ways. Just the top of the stand has an actual cake on it while the rest of the stand mimics tiers and towers found on a traditional cake. The honey bears, macaroons, bee, and flowers are just perfect.

P.S. Another reason why I love the spread–it has that great Lela Rose dress I loved a few months back (who am I kidding, I still love)!

Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress: A Lighter Shade

I love seeing pictures of weddings with the bridesmaid in shades of almost white — be it a darker, lighter, or in a soft color like shell pink. There is something so beautiful about a bunch of women in shades of white. One idea I am thinking about is telling the bridesmaids to come in a cream colored dress in a short style (so to stand out as a bride in a longer dress). Or how about one of these shade of white dresses?

Image from Sarah Sevens.
Image from Shop Ruche.
Image fom Calypso St. Barths
Image from J Crew.
Image from Calypso St. Barths.
Image from J Crew.
Image from 100 Layer Cake.

Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress

Martha Stewart’s wedding blog, The Bride’s Guide, posted the beautiful bridesmaid dress for Lela Rose‘s new collection. It is like a burst of sunshiney goodness! This incorporates all my loves: ruffled petals, surprising color combinations, and quirky charm.

Image from The Bride's Guide.

I am searching for sweetheart neckline, short dresses from my bridesmaids. Perhaps tea length like this one.

This dress is amazing but if I could fabricate a cheaper version, this is how I would do it.

1. Find a basic sweetheart dress

2. Find fabric that is the same hue

3. Cut out petals

4. Using a contrasting thread stitch around each petal either by using the sewing machine on the zigzag stitch or by using embroidery floss

5. Layer the petals in a flower shape on the dress and secure them

6. Then swirl a rectangular swatch of fabric–or even a piece of lace or some type of decal–to create the center of the flower then secure it to the dress.


Has a dress ever inspired you to make your own version when the original isn’t quite within your budget?