Bridesmaid Dresses & Colors Schemes

I finally decided on the bridesmaid dresses for my ladies! And thus gotten much closer to finalizing my color scheme. My wedding colors are primarily amber, blush pink, peach, and deep rose! Here is an inspiration board with the natural, earthy, orange-pink I am imagining.

Settling on these colors is mostly due to finding this J-Crew dress:

j-crew strapless chambray wild rose dress

I have been in love with J-Crew’s chiffon bridesmaid line, especially in the color Deep Rose (dusty peach) since beginning my wedding planning. But the cost of the bridesmaid dresses were a bit more than I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to spend ($165-$275). My goal was to find something between $50-$100. To find something “casually elegant” a.k.a. something that captured a destination/relaxed/fun/romantic feeling while at the same time could be fancy enough for a wedding. Something that would fall in a color between champagne to soft pink to coral orange.

So here is a picture of the fabric swatches from J-Crew.  My Sister of the Groom will be wearing a chiffon dress in Deep Rose. My three Bridesmaids will wear the Strapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress in Papaya (a new arrival for spring).

From left to right: soft shell, papaya, deep rose, rosebud.

The eldest Junior Bridesmaids will wear the Twist Tank Dress in Soft Shell. While the other two Junior Bridesmaids will be wearing dresses in the same shade but in a different style—I am not entirely sure which dress but perhaps this one that isn’t on their website yet (it is a ruffled dress with a sweetheart neckline). I am going to try to find something similar to Rosebud for my Maid of Honor who is a bit larger than J-Crew’s sizing.

I am so excited! This is a big check mark off my to-do list!

J-Crew Weddings: #1

After attending a bridal fitting at J-Crew, I came back with four favorite dresses. This is my #1 choice (I think) from the batch.

The Chiffon and Organza Dune Gown
1. Flow–It is made from amazing, fluffy fabrics. Pleats around the waist band add fullness which could be a lot of fun as I twirl on the dance floor.

2. Romantic–It is very feminine. The asymmetrical row of petals runs up the bust for added whimsy. Perfect for the gal who loves flowers and all things romantic.

3. Fancy–It is fancy enough that I would feel that it isn’t a dress I would wear everyday.

4. Destination Appropriate–It is perfect for an outdoor, destination wedding.


1. Fullness–It makes me look a little wide because of the flowy, fullness in the hips and bust. Doesn’t every bride want to feel slim!

If this dress was chosen it could dictate the theme of my wedding to embrace the pink, peach and deep rose colors. I would select ruffly flowers in pinks and peaches with sage green accents. Bridesmaids dresses in deep rose.

So what do you think, Boho Brides?

J-Crew Wedding Dress Update

A beso for J-Crew because…

I just booked an appointment at the Short Hills, Mall in New Jersey! They finally have bridal boutiques in stores. When I first began my dress search last year and wanted to try on dresses it was a cruel disappointment, “What, I have to buy it online just to try it on??” Now times have changed. I can discard my disappointment and give big sigh of relief. So, J-Crew, thank you for answering my letter to you — and just in time for my rush to find the perfect dress!

Look for a post next week after my I meet my favorites dresses at my appointment.

Favorite J-Crew Dresses

I would love to find a dress under $1,000. I would prefer even less. As a self-proclaimed bohemian bride I don’t care much for the tag attached.

My first inclination was to go to J-Crew. I love their relaxed, Americana style. When I first got engaged I mistakenly thought that the “W” on their store locator site meant “Weddings”.


My sister, mom and I strolled in to the store and looked around. After a while I asked the clerk, “Where are your wedding dresses?” Her response, “They are online. We don’t carry them in any stores. You have to order them.” Oh!

So the only drawback is that they do not have a store where you can try on gowns, change, try on more gowns, change, be surprised, etc. Everything must be paid for in advance, shipped, tried on, then shipped back. The affordability becomes even more important if you hope to try on multiple gowns.

So here are my favorite J-Crew dresses that are under $1,000 (many more towards the $500 mark):

Sophia $395
Sabine $695

Goddess $450


Esme $795
Confetti $995
Tatiana $750


Penelope $695

What is your favorite out of the 7?

I am looking for a causally elegant gown. Something that could be used as a good base for a personalized, wedding style. Add a comment, Boho Brides!