My Dream Shoes…in 5 to 7 Days!!

Image from Nordstroms.

I just purchased my dream shoes–the Badgley Mischka Randee! Ever since I saw them back in January I was in love. When I went back to try them on at Nordstroms–where they originally caught my eye–they were gone

But today I was walking past Wink on Broadway and 69th Street, and I saw the familiar ruffles that I had seen nowhere else until then.

They were black, but those petals hung like full bloom ranunculus.

I tried on the size 9 and 10 at Wink.

The size 9 fit well in length but it felt a bit snug at the ball of the foot. The 10 was a little long and you could see the gold tag sticking out beneath the heel of my foot. I am not crazy about that!

So I went home and went to Nordstroms to see if they had them online. Nope! Now removed from their site. I then went to They had them in white, antique gold, blush, and black. Originally I swooned over them in the antique gold but then I started thinking that the white would make me feel really elegant. But how wearable after would they be. My guess was not that much, don’t get me wrong–I could still rock em. But antique gold would be much more versatile.

Image for M-Dashing.

Do I want to be versatile on my wedding day? Can I not just buy shoes that went with the dress. That doesn’t seem like that big of a thing. Just get the shoes that go with the dress! This was my internal dialogue. So needles to say I had a bit of a hard time deciding between white and antique gold when it was time to put them into the cart. Ultimately I decided to go with what I originally saw–what made my heart go pitter patter in the first place.

This is the theme of my wedding planning–just go with your gut! Take the option that was your first instinct.

@Wink...Why not in my size!! Bummer. I'll have to go next door to Magnolia's Cupcakes for a little treat to soothe the pain 😉

So that is how I got from shoe lover to shoe buyer. But what made today the day that I bought them. This photoshoot from Style Me Pretty of a California bride in Napa Valley at the Canaros Inn. Her shoes are inspired by the Randee Badgley Mischa. Her wedding totally encapsulates my loves. It is romantic, laid back, elegant, naturally Californian. I saw her shoes and said “I am still in love!” So when today again they were featured in the window that I pass by day after day it was fate. I knew it was a sign! It was time for me to say ‘I Do’ to these shoes. It has been way too many months since I first fell in love.

This is my shoe love story…now let’s just hope I can wear them in my gown without tripping!


Shoe-tastic Tuesday!

#5 Badgley Mischka’s Randee High Heel Ruffle Sandals

Last week I met my favorite shoes yet at the department store. I went by, did a double-take, looped back around, picked them up, held them, and then thought: “Yeah, I like you!” After this I couldn’t help but exclaim, “I found shoes I like, I just need a dress!” They come in three colors, two of which are perfectly bridal appropriate: champagne and blush. Did I mention that I like these a lot…