The Bohemian Braid

Sorry for the delays in my posts–I can’t believe it has been more than two months since my last! Well, back to hair!

Image from Hairdressers on Fire

My three junior bridesmaids are gorgeous! They have this heavy and thick wavy hair. We are always playing and experimenting with it. One of my favorite hairdos on them is a summer chic, half-up bohemian braid. Originally I was looking at braid hairdos for me, but I just love it for the junior BMs–who are 10, 13, 15. It is cute without being too cutesy, and it is totally up my ally with my wedding being more of a natural and relaxed one. Basically, this hairdo reminds me of home in California and how perfect is it for our outdoor courtyard wedding there!

I was trying to look up some pictures online because as a penny pincher we will be doing all the kids hair ourselves. While on my search I found something better: YouTube tutorials. Here are a few for you that helped us on the magical day.


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