Bridalplasty: Brides Compete for Extreme Plastic Surgery

image from Jezebel

I just might start boycotting E! Why? Because their newest show repulses me to my core. In case you haven’t been glued to the TV screen over the last few weeks like me, the new show that I am talking about is Bridalplasty where brides compete for the ultimate plastic surgery makeover for their wedding day.  Even their hook: “The only show where the winner gets cut” scares me. This is what will happen, each week the brides will compete in a wedding themed challenge and the winner will get one of her plastic surgery procedures done. The last woman standing will receive her total body makeover.

I understand that brides wish to look beautiful, but this is going too far! I fear this will add to the pressure that brides feel to look unrealistically “perfect.” I am not big on plastic surgery. Well, in my mind unnecessary plastic surgery. I know that the person doing it must not think that it is unneeded but when I hear of women on TV vexing for a total body makeover because they are getting married it really makes me wince. Are these procedures really wanted or needed, or are theses women just unrealistically scrutinizing themselves because of society’s pressure to look beautiful?

I do think that plastic surgery is a personal decision and each woman should decide for herself if it is something she wants. But really multiple surgeries on what I am assuming will be twenty and thirty-something women in order to have a dream wedding? Can this be good for any us ladies to hear? Will this add to the feeling of inadequacy or nervousness that comes with having the spotlight on us for our wedding? Will this show normalize this behavior and become the new standard for brides? I do understand the desire to look good and perhaps taking measures to complete this image. I mean, who can decide what is going too far? Some people may think a strict diet or a facial peel is too much.

Maybe the contestants are disfigured in someway or have a feature that they have been teased for their entire life. But that is the thing, this is not how it reads from the trailer. The women featured on the preview look like models–like types of people that will be profiled. I am assuming they are not the actual brides. But why did they choose to show these “beautiful people”? Are they implying that these are like the girls who will be shown.  Or do they do this just to intrigue us women to see what the actual brides look like? Did the producers do this to make people, like me, feel uneasy about all of it? Or are they simply trying to show how extreme brides are?  I thought Bridezilla put us brides in bad light, now this..


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