If Photos Could Sing These Would Shout!

I’ve just gotten back from my third California wedding in three months! All of them have been so different and yet all so fun. Two of the weddings I am talking about you actually have heard some things about: my own and Mrs. Hot Wings’, but now add the wedding of my fabulous cousins to the list!

Image by 5 by Seven

Set on the harbor in San Diego the smallish-wedding was not small on personality! One of my favorite aspects of the wedding was their photobooth. It was strategically setup so at the most perfect time in the evening–you know that moment when your guests have lost a little of their inhibitions–it was instantly open for business. Everything about it was very casual. There wasn’t a curtain set up, just a wall. But it cleverly was straight across from the dance floor and directly next to the bar. A few props like mini tiaras and top hats sat on a table, and a jar holding cutout moustaches and pursed lips were readily available. Next to it laid a whiteboard and a marker so guests could write messages. I’ve been to a few other weddings with photobooths but none so easily captured the fun mood that radiated from the wedding. Was it the guests? The photographers? The placement? Or the timing of the whole thing?

*Image by 5 by Seven Photography

But there was something that made it even better: the photoslide show. Music definitely conjures up a mood, tells a story, and makes a decisive point of view. For these photos the mood is ‘one night of infectious fun’ captured by the song “Toot It And Boot It.” If you don’t know this West Coast anthem soon you will be singing along.

My cousin–well technically Mr. P’s cousin–has always been my musical twin so I am not surprised that the  entire evening of music made me super happy. And the bride is an amazingly talented dancer so music is definitely an integral part of their everyday lives. Add this together with a group of really talented photographers and magic happens. Just click the video above to see (and hear) the photobooth. I absolutely love the timing of it and how the people magically seem to dance.

Have you thought about music to accompany your photo slide show? What will be on your soundtrack?


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