Going Far & Away with Allure

I returned my original wedding dress because my groom saw it. It wasn’t just because he was superstitious. I really wanted him to be surprised when he saw me too. I think it adds to the fun of a wedding–him not knowing exactly what to expect when you enter the room. So I was happy with my decision. And I knew my superstitious man would be happy with my decision!! So it all worked out in the end. And no, I didn’t take a picture of myself in my the new gown! I didn’t even try it on again when I went down to the store to make the switch. I just didn’t want to risk anything!!!

After that it was pretty simple. I totally feared the alteration experience, but for no good reason. Blame this too on my “Say Yes to the Dress” watching. In reality, it was really like playing dress up. How fun is that?! Everyone was so nice, all the brides and their families were so excited.

RK Bridal also offers alterations so I stayed with them. There policy is that they charge a max of $300, nothing more, no matter what needs to be done. Thankfully I didn’t need much–really  I could have worn the dress out the door. They didn’t need to alter the length or the size…well, okay, one thing they did need to resize…the bust. They had to take them down a notch…or two! So for $175 I had soft cups added so I wouldn’t need a bra, which was super awesome because it has a low back, and the boning took down on the bust. It was pretty simple and not at all anxiety inducing like I feared.

One of my tips for trying on dresses as well as for alteration appointments is to wear boy short nude panties. I even kept a pair in my purse near the end when I was getting super stressed out so I wouldn’t forget them. I don’t really like being nude with strangers so having a good pair of panties with full coverage made me feel more comfortable. Even when my top was exposed.

At each of the three appointment–spread out over four months–I took it as an opportunity to try out hairstyle ideas and try on my newly purchased accessories to make sure they matched. I was in between four hairstyles from the get-go so I went to each with a new hairdo, it was pretty fun. Nothing professional but it definitely helped me visualize what would look good with the dress before my hair trial. My main contenders were a side ponytail, a loose relaxed braid, ballerina bun, and a side chignon. My first appointment I cut the idea of long, loose hair. I quickly realized that with a pretty neckline my hair would look better up, especially mine that always falls flat.

It was great having the alterations at the store because RK had a billion veils and hair feathers to try on with the gown. This is where I fell in love with cathedral length veils (more on the creation of my veil by the supremely talented Mrs. Hot Wings).

Did you have a good time at your alteration appointment? What are your tips for other brides-to-be?

*all images personal photos.


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