Finding ‘The One’ with My Nieces

Image from Adrienne's

There were a few really great experiences after the Jenny Yoo appointment. Mainly at Adrienne’s in the Lower East Side with a big group of my single friends. But all the dresses were double, triple my budget. There were no contenders. Then at The Bridal Garden, a used wedding dress store that gives the proceeds to education, with one of my lovely co-workers also looking for gowns. But I just couldn’t rationalize spending over $1200 for a used gown. It had great fabric and was by La Esposa but for that price (my max budget) I wanted something new!

So let’s fast forward a few appointments! I just can’t wait any longer to tell you about the dress I finally purchased and the one I ultimately wore…!

Vintage @ The Bridal Garden. *Personal photo

On Valentine’s Day my nieces accompanied me on my final dress appointments. It ultimately came down to the three Saja dresses. I had an appointment at 2pm and thought it would be really fun for us to have a girls day together. From the very beginning of wedding planning the nieces–fourteen and ten–have been my mini-assistants and petite-BFFs! The older one especially texting me about every appointment I went to and at times to check on my latest project milestone. They were just way, way cute. It was so adorable to have sheer excitement from the two kids.  I  especially thought it would be a great bonding experience for us if they were the ones that helped me ultimately pick out my gown. I decided weeks earlier that I was going to buy something that day. There were going to be no more wedding dress appointments. No more! I was going to decide on a dress and move on to bridesmaid dresses. With just 5 months left things needed to get settled.

La Esposa @ The Bridal Garden *Personal photo.

The nieces spent the weekend with me and the night before our outing I showed them all the gowns that I liked so they knew what style I was looking for. The three of us happened upon one dress that I loved but never tried on. I said something like “too bad I can’t try this on before.” Then it occurred to me that we had time to hit RK Bridal beforehand. They were open on Sundays, didn’t require appointments, and if we got there early we could try the dress on then get some lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup or some cutesy, girly cafe, then make our 2pm at Saja. So that Sunday morning, we headed out to the Big Apple to find the one I wasn’t expecting.


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