Nice is an Understatement: Jenny Yoo Bridal Alternatives

At Jenny Yoo I was shocked at how opposite my appointment could be with the same exact elements: mainly a solo bride shopping for her dress. Walking into the crisp, clean Jenny Yoo studio in the Fashion District of New York City, the clerk immediately greeted me with a smile and made me feel at home. The clerk was super sweet and began to ask me about my wedding and if there were any dresses I was specifically interested in seeing. I thought to myself that those were the words I was waiting for, and I quickly rustled up a list of contenders that I wrote down while at home. I mentioned many of the same dresses that I blogged about a few months ago to the clerk which ended up being about dozen. Unfortunately not everything from the new 2010 collection was in stock yet–like Mackenzie, my first choice (darn!!). So she left me to browse on my own while she checked which they did have. Moving around the store I relished the calm, and supported environment. It was nothing like the small boutique I visited earlier, no snarky comments, no pretentiousness (phew!!).

Image from Jenny Yoo - Mira

After liking, but not loving all my initial favorites I decided to try on a wild card dress. It was called Mira.  I dismissed it at first when I saw it online because I thought it looked too much like a white sarong. Not formal enough and just too beachy. But on, I liked it! It had flow and movement, and while it was beachy it also made me feel like a ballerina ready to float nimbly down a formal aisle. I even liked the dress so much that I asked to see the accompanying bridesmaid dresses (since Jenny Yoo is mostly known for these) and left with a total entourage in mind. But alas…it wasn’t the one. But check out the pictures anyhow…and their 2011 collection is coming out so check out their site too.

* Personal photo
*Personal photo.
*Personal photo.



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