Finding My Dress

Image from MichelleBrusegaard on Etsy

When everyone kept asking me what type of dress I had in mind for my wedding I kept on thinking about my favorite Barbie doll when I was a child. I didn’t tell anyone at the time but that is my little truth! It was the 1985 Peaches & Cream edition–yes, I’ve done my research for this post–you know, the one with the ruffly peach ball gown and the strapless opal bodice (well it was only strapless because my straps wore off after too much play). She was the epitome of beauty. She was Hollywood glamour before I even realized it! I loved the way the colors in her skirt changed colors with the layers of peaches and pink chiffons (or whatever light fabric it was). I even thought about having a wedding dress made so it could be similar. But quickly in that next moment I knew I wasn’t that much of a fanatic! With my luck it would probably look more beauty queen than Veronica Lake.


So while I wait for our professional photographs to come in I wanted to tell you about the journey (okay, long journey) finding my dress. I know I was always searching to see real women (not models in ads) in the gowns I coveted.  So hopefully this will help some of you as you find yours.

I had two requirements for my dress: I had to feel beautiful in it and it couldn’t cost more than $1500. So in the coming posts I am going to show you pictures from my outings to Saja and Jenny Yoo (both boutique-y alternatives to fluffy gowns), The Wedding Garden (an upscale thrift store with big designer names), and J-Crew (and I’ve already posted about Oleg Cassini at Dillard’s and David’s Bridal). To finally decide on Maggie Sottero and then ultimately Allure at RK Bridal (a no-frills shop with thousands of dresses that you choose yourself). So get ready for bad pictures!!

Did you have hidden inspiration behind your gown selection? Did you visit a number of stores before you found the one?


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