Va Va Voom Bridal Lingerie

How sexy do you want to be on your wedding? I want to be sexy but sophisticated. But then I talked to my fiance…I asked him if he had any preference to what I wore. And he said “Slutty.” Whhhatt?? I had imagined a white wedding dress-like, classy, and long number for the evening but I instantaneously knew that was not what he was crossing his fingers for. So this is a tale of trying to find out how our two visions could merge so I could feel like a woman and he could see me as the sexy wife I hope to be.

My first stop was my favorite department store in all of Manhattan–Macy’s @ Herald Square. All the way at the top they have a bridal lingerie section. After trying on two of my favorites I decided that the main contender was the short white tiered chiffon number with an aqua bow. But it looked familiar. Did I see the exact same garment at the discount chain Loehmann’s a few days before when I was looking for bachelorette panties? I think I did! So I left empty handed only to go to Loehmann’s the next day to find the $60 slip there for only $30. So I bought it. But I wasn’t totally convinced it was sexy enough for Mr. P.

My search continued the next week at Victoria’s Secret. What guy doesn’t appreciate VS? I wanted to stay with white to honor my vision and get something a little bit more vamp for him. Once in the dressing room–and with some discussion with the associate–I found out the flaw of Victoria’s Secret bridal lingerie: they only come in size B and C cup sizes. If you have anything other than this you are not made for VS. Your option is to wear one of the pieces that don’t have architectural cups. All the super hot ones had cups and I am a little girl. Darn! But I did find two I really loved. The white and blue lace slip with a halter neckline that is really flatter on. And a white silk and chiffon number with romantic rosettes on the bust and a pleated skirt.

I did go around the bummer of not getting the lingerie with cut out boob holes and heart shaped cut out panties by buying a little aqua apron to go under neath the first (more demure) purchase from Loehmann’s. So hopefully that will be a surprise 🙂 Since I am going to be away in California for a total of 1 1/2-2 weeks I figure three outfits are enough.

What did you decide on for your wedding night? Did you plan a series of options?


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