Double Bachelorette Party

Las Vegas is all about living large! So how can a bachelorette party be supersized Las Vegas style? How about a DOUBLE bachelorette party with TWO Weddingbee bloggers! That is right, double your pleasure, double your fun! Miss Hot Wings and I flew in out Friday night for a whirlwind party that lasted less than 48 hours–but the memories will ((sniff)) last a lifetime! This is what happened:

After meeting up at the airport and finding my sister we shared a cab to our MGM suite. Greeted by two of our best college friends and Miss Hot Wing’s sister-in-law-to-be we quickly noticed the extras in our room. Penis shaped cutouts everywhere! In the kitchen, next to the mirror…it was then that it really dawned on me.

The bachelorette party weekend was about to begin! After putting on some fresh clothes and a little makeup us gals headed out towards The Strip. There we found a lounge without a cover (yes!) with an awesome coverband–so perfectly called The Jukebox Band–talking into the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning we headed out to the MGM pools. If you haven’t been the pool complex feels straight out of MTV’s spring break. I never experienced anything like it. It is like Raging Waters for adults. 5 pools, loud music, a lazy river, and lots of alcohol. A recipe for fun! The pool was definitely one my favorite aspects of the weekend. After lounging around we headed back up to the room to get ready for The Bachelorette Party which included dinner, games and going out to the clubs.

A few months before we decided we wanted to have a 1920s flapper theme party. Miss Hot Wing’s Maid-of-Honor organized the party and so thoughtfully arranged it so we would all wear matching outfits. The brides wore white sequin dresses with custom made (by her) black birdcage veils. While the other ladies wore black dresses and custom made red and black feather headbands. And of course we all wore coordinating feather boas! I never felt so sexy or so bridal! One of the best things about coordinating outfits–besides looking damn sexy and quickly picking your girls out of the crowd–is that people instantly knew you were part of bachelorette party. I highly recommend it.

For dinner, of course we had hot wings from Hooters in honor of Miss Hottie! And directly after the games began! Some of the games we played were “Pin the Member on the Man,” “How Quickly Can You Suck a Shot Out of a Penis Straw,” and my personal favorite “Who’s Panties Are They?” (Yes, I totally made up these names..?!) My fav was the panty game. A week before the trip we were emailed asking to bring a pair of panties in the brides’ size that represent you. These were secretly stashed in containers by our host and Miss Hot Wings and I had to guess what panties represented each lady in attendance. It was totally fun and does give you great insight into the psychology of your friends. Whose essence is the lime green snake skin silk thong? Who is the flirty, fun, and sporty with the Pink briefs by Victoria Secret? Who is sexy and sophisticated with the black lace thong and crystal detailing? …you gotta guess it!

After the games we headed out to the Wynn Encore to the club XS. It was what I call a “mega club” as in mega cool! A packed dance floor, a pool to splash in, and sexy men to look at! And the best part? We had more games to play.

Have you ever heard of the game “That Guy”? You have a deck of cards that has types of guys on them, and dares relating to them. Our rules were that each girl had a number of cards and who ever completed them first one. In order to complete the challenge you had to either bring the guy over to the group and/or take a picture with him. Some of the most entertaining cards were the dares to “ask a guy for a condom” and “find a guy wearing a vest and make him wear it without a shirt.”

And that was our crazy bachelorette weekend! It felt sooo good to be in the company such amazing girlfriends. Their laughter and energy has really refreshed me and given me strength to carry on this wedding maddness. And it was amazing having a DOUBLE bachelorette party. That night we both were twins! And I loved sharing this moment–I’d have it no other way!!


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