Double Digits: Less than 30 Days!

We are now entering that territory of crazy mayhem. Other women have known it before too…it is 1 month until the BIG “I Do’s!!” That is right! Just a month. I have even made one of those paper calendar chains that me and my sister used to make leading up to Christmas. (Remember these things in Kindergarten?) Yes, I am a little kid again!

I will remove 1 ring each day! *personal photo

I just finished a major project. I had to supply my vendors with all our requests. Eeek that means deadlines I couldn’t miss or I would be out of luck. What do you ask, do you have to turn in at 1 month till? I had to give my DJ the music I want him to play at the wedding (divided into ceremony, cocktail, dinner, dance music). And I had to give our wedding venue an updated head count or else we would be paying for what we originally reserved–which is slightly more people than are coming. That was a lot time to do. It took me a week or two. Not so much tracking people down but working on the music. I was very specific with my requests (more on this later)

So this morning I woke up and thought I needed to make a list of all the things I have left to do. And why not share this list with you all. It may help you girls plan what to expect as your double digits approach:

Things to Do by July 28th (the date we leave for the isle)

  • Wine cork placeholder (get utility blade because the X-acto knife and jigsaw didn’t work)
  • Buy mason jars for centerpieces
  • Purchase votive candles (4 per table?)
  • Make programs
  • Make a kids activity book for reception (I’m thinking coloring pages, I-Spy, wordsearch)
  • Make a just married sign
  • Finish the ring pillow (still deciding what should go on top)
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Make flower girl wreaths
  • Buy flower petals for the flower baskets
  • Decide on a hairstyle, go to hair trial
  • Order prints of engagement photos, buy nice frames on sale (8 1/2 x 11 and 2 5 x 8) for the entry way table
  • Attend the next fitting of my  junior bridesmaids dress
  • Fix the groomsmen vest (make it a size larger…uh oh…how am I gonna do this?)
  • BM gifts (finish em up!)
  • Get gifts for parents (what to get…?)
  • Find rehearsal dinner, brunch, and bridal shower dresses
  • Work on getting a light tan (I can’t be this pale and sickly looking!)
  • Call wedding venue to confirm everything is in place, decide on a time for rehearsal
  • Call the wedding coordinator and make sure everything is ready to go!
  • Pack for the bachelorette party (this coming weekend. OMG it is in Vegas!!)
  • Arrange a cat sitter for my lil’ buddy
  • Start sending all the wedding decorations to Catalina Island (the vases to the florist, the goodies to the wedding venue)
  • Figure out where the rehearsal dinner is going to be and what we are going to eat
  • Make hair flower garland for day after photoshoot (I want something a bit whimsical for the shoot)

Can I do all this in less than 30 days? I don’t know. I may have to decide what is the most important…I am only going to be around 22 days really (after deducing the bachelorette party time and when we will be leaving for Catalina Island).


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