Wedding Videos: Top Clips

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I absolutely love watching videos from weddings. So what if I don’t know these people! I want to know what to expect at my wedding. And how else will I know what is gonna happen? I need some exposure! Initially I was getting ideas for vows, then it got shifted to looking at the bride & groom’s first dance. I’m no Alvin Ailey so any tips would be great. Along the way I found some gems. Some of them are hilarious, some quirky, all of them Inspiration with a capital ‘I.’ If only I can be this cool!!

I’ve complied a list of my favorites, check them out and tell me what your favorite is. Are you planning a special moment for your guests?

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Shana & Rob: They do an (almost) interpretive dance to Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe.” They exude confidence and fun. Click the middle still on their website to view the full dance.

Image from Shannon Lee Images.

Fresh Hubby of LA: Set to the beat of “The Fresh Price of Bel-Air” this groom raps the tale of their love story. In one word: hilarious.

Image from Come Watch Me

JK Wedding Entrance: What is THE most unexpected way a  bride and groom could enter a church? Perhaps the entire entourage could boogie down the aisle to Chris Brown’s R&B jam “Forever.” What a way to break the ice, and prepare your guests for a super crazy wedding.

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Rina & Nick: “We’re never gonna survive unless we get a little CRAZY!” Yep, that sums it up. Compiling snippets of songs that use the word ‘crazy’, the bride & groom proceed to get dicy on the dance floor. It is all too much fun!

Image from Millie Fiorie

Proposal in the Park: This puts planning a proposal to a whole new level. Twenty plus people doing a synchronized dance routine, a documentary film crew selecting the unsuspecting bride-to-be, coordinated shirts over custom printed shirts, cartwheels and backflips, a unicycle. Whoo..I’m tired just describing it.

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Dirty Dancing: Not that type of dirty dancing! What girl hasn’t thought about recreating the finale from the movie Dirty Dancing. This couple does it, and does it well!


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