M&J Trimming

I love living in New York City. This place is amazing! I just hit the landmine with this one: M&J Trimming is the mecca for ribbons. There are so many types of trimmings it is mind boggling. There are thousands of ribbons lining the mile high walls. Do you need ribbon for trim? Sparkling rhinestones? Buttons? Feather boas? This is the place. They even have a bridal section with veils, lace, and broaches.

When I first moved to the city I passed by this place when it was closed. If it had been open I think I would have been there a lot more often over the last five years. Good thing for my budget, bad thing for my arts & crafts. 😉

So remember those floral fans I made a little while back? Now, with only two months left till the wedding, it is time to add the finishing touch. Little ribbon bows!

At M&J the had a lot to choose from. At first I tried to focus on the color. I was looking for light pinks, creams, peaches, papayas. But really there were so many I needed to decide on the fabric. At first I didn’t think I wanted shiny, so I dismissed all the satin, silks, and organza. But then I changed my mind because I didn’t want my ribbon to look too crafty. You know, like childlike. And for some reason the matte ribbons started to make me feel like that. So no grosgrain, floral patterns, or polka dots.

An M&J the minimum to buy is 1 yard.  So since I didn’t have a strong love of one ribbon over another I decided to take a few of my favorites.

Take a peak at a few of my favorite contenders. I am not quite sure if I need to make another trip now that I am beginning to get a feel of what I do and don’t like.

Boho Brides, which do you like best?


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