Image from Martha Stewart Magazine

My mom volunteered to be in charge of the birdcage that we will have at our wedding. You may be wondering why we will have a bridcage at our wedding. Will we have birds or something? Well, no, not exactly.

I have learned through wedding planning that birdcages are symbolic. They once held white doves that the bride and groom release during the ceremony. Now, ever since Victorian times, birdcages are heavily decorated and simply symbolic of a wedding–and prosperity. Perhaps this is why the decorated birdcages often double as a card or money box. I am not quite sure if our will be a card box or will simply act as decoration at the entry way table near the guest book.

This is the picture I showed my mom as inspiration for what I hope our birdcage will look like. Isn’t it amazing! I love it.

While out at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden last weekend we picked up a number of little birds to go inside the cage from the gift shop. The birds are all really adorable especially the little goldfinch. The birds are microscopic adding to their cuteness. I can’t wait to see how my mom’s interpretation of this turns out!

Image from the NAE

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