Intimate Seaside Decor

I love this cottage seaside decor from Pacific Weddings–it really gets me thinking about the beach! Catalina IS on an island after all!

I am moving on to thinking about more than just the wedding reception decor–which means two things: Friday’s rehearsal dinner and Sunday’s brunch. For both I would like to have a little bit of beach vibe incorporated. Something people would imagine for an island wedding since my reception isn’t beach at all!

For the rehearsal dinner I am thinking we will have a BBQ on the beach. This could go a few different ways–classic all-American picnic at the beach (think red and white checkered tablecloths), soft and intimate seaside decor (starfish, shells and lots of blue), or Pacific Luau kitsch (think Tiki Club, lei’s and mai tai’s).

For the brunch I would like to use lots of retro tissue paper–pom poms, wedding bells, garlands! I am thinking aqua blue & white. I am hoping this will be more of an at home buffet so it will be really relaxed.

Image from Pacific Weddings Blog

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