Maid of Honor & Sister of the Groom Dress

Last week I had a terrible stomach flu. I felt terrible for almost two weeks straight. In the middle of my sickness was the deadline to order dresses for my Maid of Honor and Sister of the Groom. (There is going to be a freakout moment…you can tell, right?)

Originally I sent my Sister of the Groom a list of four dresses to choose from, directing her to order the one that she likes the most. I thought that I had it very clear, with lots of options–so surely she would like one of them. There was (1) a classic chiffon a-line with a v-neck and straps that I thought anyone would deem it worthy, (2) a strapless silk taffeta dress with a big bow that would speak to a fashionista, (3) a more beachy empire-waist chiffon dress, and then (4) a more of a classic bridesmaid strapless chiffon dress. She would select Rosebud (a more subdued and elegant rosey orange) if in Taffeta fabric or Deep Rose (a brighter reddish peach) if in Chiffon.

But my Sister of the Goom never ordered! A few months passed. So then I mentioned that she and my sister could match, she can just get what my sister gets. It would be easy.

The only problem with this that I didn’t realize when I made these suggestion: my Maid of Honor sister is plus size, my Sister of the Groom is not. It is VERY hard to find dresses that run both plus size and regular sizes in my style and in the color I wanted. I wanted a papaya, not a coral. A deep rose, not a mauve. Even a blush pink would do, but not a fuschia! Oh, what have I become?!

I was hoping my gals would only spend $100 or $150 so I was looking for brands that they could find in the mall. Ordering a “bridesmaid dress” is always much more expensive so I was avoid this option but put the deadline in my head just in case: 3 months until the wedding.

So in the middle of my stomach flu the deadline hit. The days leading up to it were of a hysteria–me, little ole me, roaming the mall after work, then breaking down crying because I was so frustrated and tired. What I did find at the mall that would match my theme wasn’t the right color. When it was the right color my sister didn’t like it.

So after this fiasco I broke down and decided they would need to order real “bridesmaid dresses.” With that extra bit of money your selected dress comes in dozens of color shades to choose from in sizes 0-32. Come on! It only made sense! And I wouldn’t go crazy!!! So look for the post tomorrow with the dress I selected.


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