Martha Stewart Floral Fans

I really wanted to buy fans for our wedding guests so they could cool themselves down in the potential HOT July heat. First I considered the traditional Chinese fans, then thought about the traditional palm fans from the Philippines, and then latched on to that idea. Last February we went to the Philippines and I saw that the fans are everywhere and often with embroidered text so I thought that would be an awesome idea on how to personalize them. I tried and tried with all might to get some of the people who visited the PI (Philippines for short) to bring some back since they would be cheap straight from the source, but no one could or had the space/time to.

Then I remembered the great Martha Stewart Floral Fan template I saw a few months back. I was always drawn to it because it was a dusty coral color–just like our wedding–and very whimsical. So I decided to go with this idea. It would potentially save me upwards of $100 dollars so I was especially keen on the idea.

So here is how it went:

Day 1

Step 1: I purchased 110lb Ivory paper from Staples for $15
Step 2: I printed out the template and printed 100, 2 pages (front and back) which equaled 200 sheets from the 250 ream.
Step 3: I decided to add our names and the date in the empty space. I tried to download whimsical fonts from free sites but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I bought the Nelly Flourish script from DaFont for $39.00. It took a few trials by my fiance and I finally decided on the spacing and what it should say–initials or names, date or no date?

Day 2
Step 4: I played around with the colors on my Mac’s text edit. I Googled to see what RGB color would be a dusty peachy pink. I ultimately went with “Coral” and changed the RGB to 255: 64: 64.
Step 5: I tested out the font and fooled around with the placement on the template–which took a few tries. Then reran all 200 of the paper templates through the printer so the personalized text would print on the front side.

Day 3

Step 6: I began to cut out the templates. If you will be attempting this or something similar I have a HUGE tip–which I didn’t realize until 99% of them were done. Get one of each paper–front and back–and put them so they are facing you (both sides) just as they will be when used. THEN cut them out. I did them individually so every little curve that is different became a little problem because it didn’t match exactly! Even with my steadiest hand. After cutting all these out I must say I was SUPER delirious with an achey hand.

Day 4:

Step 7: I bought a mini-glue gun (which had to be exchanged for a large standard one because the glue didn’t come out fast enough before it hardened), wooden sticks, and a pack of extra glue.
Step 8: Assemble! Lay the back of the fan out with text facing the table. Then I set up a system with my measuring tape–measuring 3 1/2″ from the edge and 4″ up from the bottom. Put your finger there, then put glue on the wooden stick and smooth. There should be a little handle perfectly straight with the tip of the fan. Then I put glue all around the edge as quickly as possible. Then put the front of the fan with the text facing you on top of it. Smooth so the glue is spread out evenly.

Phew there you have it!! My first big project for the ceremony done! What do you think, Boho Brides? Have you begun your first project. Did it go as expected. I am pretty happy with mine!


2 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Floral Fans

  1. holy crap that looks like a ton of work! But woman.. it looks fantastic! Great job. I had no idea you could mess with the colors by understanding the numbers associated with them. Good tips!

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