My Favorite Groom & Groomsmen Styles

I have a hard time figuring out what different styles are out there for my man. What is stylish for men? I may not have enough energy to spend on my clothes to be uber hip, but I know what is stylish and most importantly–what is not–for women. But with guy clothes? Not really. Men’s clothes are all about the details. Subtle pleating can make a huge difference from a modern to dated suit. My fiance has taught me this much. So how does this factor in to contemporary male clothing? I did a series of posts with a more rugged, resort, and indie feel. I am really trying to walk the line of being respectful and conservative versus having a relaxed and casual wedding. I realize I need to take a step back. I really needed to identify what feeling we were going for.

Recently, my man has started to hint that he wouldn’t mind going with a more traditional-classic look. So what exactly is out there? What are the options? So I have set out on a search through Style Me Pretty, Once Wed and 100 Layer Cake. I have found a number of different groom looks that I liked. Here are my favorite traditional groom & groomsmen looks:

#1. Classic black and white tuxedo.

Image from Style Me Pretty

#2. Classic black and white suits with black ties.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

3. Classic black and white tuxedo but with groomsmen wearing colored bowties.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

#4. Groom in black tie with groomsmen in colored ties.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

#5. Groom in suit with jacket, groomsmen in vests.

Image from Once Wed.

#6. Groom in colored shirt, everyone in different patterned tie.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

#7. Groom in lighter colored suit, groomsmen in classic suit. Add sneakers for casual look.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

8. Groom in tie, groomsmen no tie. Both in a light colored suit.

Image from Style Me Pretty.

So what do you think Bohos? If we are going to go a little bit more traditional and classic, which would you choose? I originally compiled this to show to my fiance. This has been the theme of our wedding planning–and perhaps this will be for our wedded life–I compile a list of options and he chooses. I have a secret to making this work…you only show him options you like or could live with or you really are not working it to your full potential 😉

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