“What Music Do You Love to Dance To?”

I recently read an article in Glamour magazine about the songs some of our favorite musicians love to dance –I think the quote was “to move their thang to.” All of the songs were ones I enjoyed myself but totally forgot about. How could I have forgotten about “Blister in the Sun” by The Violent Femmes or David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”?

I love music, I love to dance. I have this huge fear no one will at our wedding. I have been creating a spreadsheet of all my favorite songs using Google Docs. And let’s just say the list is getting pretty big! So at the minimum I will be out there dancing to my favorite tunes. I have been informally gathering from my family members–noting which ones they turn up or mention that they like in casual conversation.

Here is a site that has a great playlist of songs to keep things fresh on the wedding dance floor. It is my fear that my DJ will play Cher’s “Believe” then Lipps Inc. “Funkeytown” songs one after another. Please keep it fresh, DJ!

Boho Brides, three questions:

What song makes you want to get up and move your thang?

What is your favorite slow jam?

What song makes you find inspiration in yourself and/or the world?


One thought on ““What Music Do You Love to Dance To?”

  1. I completely agree with you, bad tunes at our wedding is my worst fear!! I’m a big music geek and am wondering if we should just DIY with our iPods but I guess then we’ll need someone to make announcements? How did you go about making sure your DJ played your requests? Thanks!!

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