Brooklyn Bride BAM

A few weeks ago I attended my very first bridal event. Why did I go? Why not? I didn’t have much else to do. I had been spending way too much time on the computer and was feeling the need to get out. But why else did I go? Because they advertised that they had a focus on tablescapes. I thought, “This was what I need!” I had no idea about how to decorate our tables. This could be my needed inspiration. And well, it turned out to be so!

Image from 100 Layer Cake

When I first entered the space I saw exactly what I came for: tables set up two different ways. One side was for the vintage-loving bride (me) and the other was for the modern gal (not so much me!). I was really inspired by the use of gold, pinks and aqua. The menu cards were hand drawn with glitter lettering (how’d they do that!!). And the retro pink coconut cake was just so Marie Antoinette cool.

Image from 100 Layer Cake

The only bummer was that this was the extent of the tablescapes. Darn! Just one?! It took me two hours to get there from New Jersey. In total it took me only 20 minutes inside looking at stuff, talking to vendors–but this vintage tablescape was worth it..right?

Personal photo

After cruising around on 100 Layer Cake, I noticed that they posted pictures from the event. Have a look and which do you prefer? To the left is Modern and to the right is Vintage. Below is a picture I took myself of another beautiful bouquet that inspired me. It was at a vendor’s station advertising calligraphy arranged by Bloom Floral (I think).

If you are thinking about attending a bridal event–go for it! It really does help to go see things in-person and talk to people in the business. At the bottom is the real reason to go–the perks! Lots and lots of samples. I was on such a sugar high when I left it was spectacular. Truffles, cheese, cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes, chocolate, cupcakes! Mmmm…yum! I received a number of follow up phone calls from people. But since I am not having my wedding around here it really limits what I need help with. I wish I could take up any of those cupcake vendors ;-}

Kumquat Bakery

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