What Wedding Has Inspired You the Most?

My answer: probably Alissa & Ryan’s. To some people they may not see it. It is a bit mismatched. I mean, the bride wears a peacock blue velvet sash for heaven’s sake! But, yeah, one of my favorite weddings is Alissa and Ryan at San Ysidro Ranch.

Image from Style Me Pretty. Photography by Jose Villa.

Perhaps I am a bit biased because it was held in my hometown, but it is just gorgeous!! The natural landscape is amazing. Have you seen a bride trek through the lavender fields thigh high? The result is pretty jaw dropping. Vintage colored ribbons, rugs lining the aisle, pillows on wooden benches, flowers…it is all so sensual, romantic in the most honest ways. I just love it. Even though it hasn’t really dictated a specific color palette or given me inspiration that I want to mimic my own wedding on exactly, it truly does inspire me. It is like when I enter the store Anthropology. It is refreshing! Romantic but not for the cliched reasons! It tells me not to over think things. Just relax a little and put together things that you love. The result will be ‘you’ and it doesn’t have to be so matchy matching. Don’t worry because it will look beautiful!

Now that is inspiration!


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