An Unexpected Quote

Have you ever been super, duper surprised by a wedding quote? Well now I have!

I normally know what price to expect. Of course there will be extras, yet I roughly know the price. But those linens just surprised me! Equipped with my calculator, knowing how much per tablecloth cost, I thought I had it in the bag…pretty much. Of course there was going to be shipping costs, tax, perhaps those extras that make “linens.” But when I received the quote my jaw literally dropped. It was the first time.

It was like way more than paid for my dress! More than my flower budget. I could invite and feed like 10 more people! That, well, is a lot for something guests will rest their elbows on and spill coffee on!

I was told the tablecloths in Matte Satin are between $25-$29 (and I did the math..this equals $435 for 15 tables). A few things concerned me when I flipped to the second page which itemized my bill. Why do they list 30 tables when I stated that there were 15? Do they use 2 tablecloths per table? And why does it list the price per unit as $37? I thought it was from $25-$29. What happened to that? Which is the typo?

So I have just emailed the linen representative asking if she could breakdown the price. We will see what she says…

Have you ever received a quote, far in to the discussion, that surprised you?


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