What is “Wedding Linen”?

So what exactly is wedding linen? Do I need a price quote for tablecloths and napkins? Do I need to specify this or do they include these two items when I say “linens”? These are my questions as I cruise websites knowing I need more information. I am a newbie at this. But, hey, I’ve never done this before and don’t plan on doing it again!

So I emailed a company that did the linens for one of my favorite weddings. But when I requested more information, I completely left out that I didn’t know what “linens” included. After emailing back and forth with a company representative about my color scheme (blush pink, amber, deep rose) the friendly woman said she would send me some swatches. And she did, they just arrived!

I absolutely love the colors and fabrics she suggested. And yes, I still am not quite sure if I need to specify that I need napkins to accompany the tablecloths! Anyhow, check them out!

From left to right: Light Pink, Peach, Antique Rose, Iridescent Opal, Citra Green.

Which one would you go for, Boho Brides?


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