Wedding Mapper

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Have you checked out yet? It is really a neat site. My favorite part is the Create Your Own Wedding Map. It provides you with a customizable and interactive wedding map. You can add locations of your wedding ceremony and reception. This is how: Give your map a title (like you and your groom’s name), add a new location (add the url and a description), select an icon that fits the location (a symbol for a church, restaurant, bar, beach, airport, hotel, etc), then add this place to your very own map.

When finished you just hover your mouse over the wedding map, click on an icon and all that information pops up! You can zoom in, get the address, get directions, or go directly to the location’s website. If you wanted to you could even print it and add it to your Welcome Bags — it is fantastic. I have embedded my own wedding map into my wedding website to help my guests navigate to the different places on the island.


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