Google Docs – Greatest Invention for an Organized Bride

I do everything using Google Docs. It is just the coolest. Why purchase Microsoft Office when it comes for free on Google? Need to make a presentation? Google Docs. Need to make a survey? Google Docs. Need to write a paper? Google Docs. Need to make a spreadsheet? Yep, Google Docs.

Google Docs.

As a NYC bride with a California wedding I have been in debt to Google Docs for a while now. These projects are mostly related to my organization. Who doesn’t love to be organized. Most of the time people — like me — aren’t because it takes up too much time. But with Google Docs it is too easy. And in one instance too easy by erasing the need for me to do any data entry. Yes, that is why I like it!

When I first got engaged I set up a special email address that I wanted to use for all wedding related correspondences. This got set up a little late so some people contact me at my general email address so things did get a little muddled. But my idea was that I could do all my wedding stuff using this wedding email. I could sign up for junk mail. Talk to people without having them know my long term email address, personal info, etc.

Next, I used the “more” section on the Google toolbar and went to “Documents.” This is where all items are stored–and on Google’s server so they are always backed up just in case my computer dies. Just “Create a New” Spreadsheet, Document, Form, or Presentation. You can share these by either emailing a link to people to access them or “inviting” them to view it on Google. You can also select if you want them to be authors and collaborate or just view!

Some things I have made using Google Docs:

1. Slide show presentations by wedding theme. This was great in my super early planning stage. I created one for my Santa Barbara hometown wedding, one for my Catalina Island wedding, one with a blue beach theme, a late summer orange and pink theme, an early summer pastel theme.  They are great! Just hit “play” and view your ideas like a little movie. And send it to people to get their opinions!

2. Address questionnaire. Just set up a Form with basic information that you will need when addressing your save the dates and invitations. Once you email the form to your contact group, Google will automatically translate their responses into a spreadsheet. You will never lose an address again! P.S. I color code my spreadsheet so I know who I have and have not sent invitations to too!

3. Spreadsheets. These come in handy at lots of different times from creating specific to-do lists, more elaborate guest lists (I exported mine from The Knot so I could include more personalized info).

4. Word documents. I have a wedding time line that I copied from a bridal magazine, and made more customized with my arts and crafts projects (when I should begin and should end).
Hope this helps you, Boho Brides. Technology is fun when it makes your life easier!


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