My First Wedding Dress

Genevieve. Image from Project Wedding.

The Genevieve by Elizabeth Fillmore was the first wedding dress I tried on and fell in love with. The second was the blush lace colored Georgina.

Georgina. Image from Project Wedding.

There is something about Elizabeth Fillmore that is a Bohemian Bride’s dream. These dresses, for me, were swoon worthy. Drool worthy!

But, again, the price of a dress is one of the most important factors for this Boho. And my budget is not “$$$$-$$$$$.” When I see these symbols on the wedding gown directories my eyes bleed. But gals, your wedding is only once right? Well, I can live through you.

Check out Elizabeth Fillmore’s site and weep, get inspired, or simply buy the dress!


4 thoughts on “My First Wedding Dress

  1. I wore Fillmore’s Starlet. I love, love, love her dresses. It was perfect for my Old Hollywood Glam wedding.

  2. I have been looking at Elizabeth Fillmore dresses, and especially the Georgina, but can’t figure out how much is costs–“over $3000” isn’t that specific. Any ideas on what it costs?

    1. I think the Georgina was $5,800. I know for sure that Genevieve was more expensive but can’t exactly remember if 5,800 was for the Genevieve or Georgina. The one that I tried on thinking was a steal was $2,300 and it was nowhere the price of the Fillmores. Hope that helps!

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