Groom Ideas #1-#5: Resort to Rugged

Since the girls are almost all decided upon, it is now time for me to work on what the guys will be wearing. My groom doesn’t like to shop. Not in the slightest. I have asked him what he wants to wear, he says whatever I want him to. This is good and bad. As if I don’t have enough to pick out, I will now dress my groom.

These are the guidelines from Mr. Groom: Nothing that he will sweat easily in, something comfortable, blue is his favorite color, he doesn’t like ties.

personal photo

Miss Bride-to-be’s requirements: It has to match my girls! All the dresses are either ruffly, have flowers, and are a shade near pink. More bohemian than dressy.

This is what I am trying reaching for with the groom’s attire: a.) casual yet still stylish, b.) something that can hold up to a soft flowing wedding dress, c.) something “country club” or “destination” or “resort” wear (we are getting married on an island in a country club after all!).

Above is my attempt at an outfit. I call it Outfit #1 – Resort. My night in shining armor looking as if he just walked off a boat. Not quite sure if it is right in line with the rest of my vision which is a bit more “romantic” and rustic!

With Outfit Idea #2 it is a bit more dressed up than Outfit Idea #1.

Since our wedding palette is based on peaches and pinks so this khaki brown would compliment it beautifully. Mr. Cali Girl has a warm complexion and he usually looks really good in chino. With a little rugged, blue collar casual addition of the utility shirt and suede shoes my groom might actually like it!

An unbuttoned shirt paired with a light khaki suit is the idea behind Outfit Idea #3. Matched with a linen pocket square for a little more umph. The look and feel is very light. The best part is it just screams wedding!

Outfit Idea #4 capitalizes on shades of browns and blues. You really can’t go wrong using the one or two colors in a range of shades. I find the color of the tie with a brighter blue shirt to be particularly exciting and new feeling! Check out the clothes on and Tommy Bahama. It would need to go with these colors:

Outfit Idea #5 is something you just can’t go wrong with. Not so bohemian, not so casual, not so destination but it is always a winner in my book. How would it pair with the wedding colors…does black, brown, tan or blue go best?

*all images from J-Crew unless noted otherwise.


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