My Groom Saw My Dress – Vote on my Poll!

Should I keep the dress or cancel it…?

Vote now!


P.S. This is what happened this weekend…

My nieces and I were update my fiance about our adventures in New York City. I was cooking dinner, the two girls and my man were sitting around the kitchen table. For some reason we began showing photos of the weekend on my phone. “Isn’t it funny, the fire hydrants were wrapped up as Hersey’s kisses for Valentine’s Day!?” I was laughing saying telling my fiance about how the 9 year old was crazy about the Dean & Deluca sea salt caramels we bought her. “AND check out the crazy photo of her in pure happiness in the Ana Sui Soho Boutique!” Then I went back to cooking my broccoli and my fiance began looking through the photos on my iPhone with the girls. Chatting, moving to the next image, then …..ekkkk! My fiance announced, “Uh-oh. I think I saw something I wasn’t suppose to!” Then the girls exclaimed “Her wedding dress!” A look of disappointment saddened my face. And I gazed over at my puppy dog looking fiance as he motioned giving back my phone, as if the fun was over and he had been caught! I wasn’t expecting it. The girls weren’t expecting it. And my fiance wasn’t expecting that he would stumble upon the pictures of me trying on my newly purchased wedding dress! We simply forgot they were on there! SHOOT!


3 thoughts on “My Groom Saw My Dress – Vote on my Poll!

  1. I would choose not to be superstitious but I can see it both ways … I just save my dress files in a place he won’t look and cleaned them out of my inbox since I’m signed in all the time. I dunno–seems kind of silly as a wives tale. Curious what you decided??

    1. I returned my dress!! I don’t even think of myself as superstitious! But my man, my fiance, he won’t let me take a pillow out if it is dark outside because he says it is bad luck (even if I am heading out for a long flight!). I was going to pretend that I returned the dress he saw but then when I told him he said “Oh, good! That was probably better.” So what was I supposed to do!!

      It has vanished with a slight fee for the trouble. But it is okay and I am fine with my decision! Thank you for checking in! Thank you for your opinion!

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