Bridesmaid Dresses & Colors Schemes

I finally decided on the bridesmaid dresses for my ladies! And thus gotten much closer to finalizing my color scheme. My wedding colors are primarily amber, blush pink, peach, and deep rose! Here is an inspiration board with the natural, earthy, orange-pink I am imagining.

Settling on these colors is mostly due to finding this J-Crew dress:

j-crew strapless chambray wild rose dress

I have been in love with J-Crew’s chiffon bridesmaid line, especially in the color Deep Rose (dusty peach) since beginning my wedding planning. But the cost of the bridesmaid dresses were a bit more than I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to spend ($165-$275). My goal was to find something between $50-$100. To find something “casually elegant” a.k.a. something that captured a destination/relaxed/fun/romantic feeling while at the same time could be fancy enough for a wedding. Something that would fall in a color between champagne to soft pink to coral orange.

So here is a picture of the fabric swatches from J-Crew.  My Sister of the Groom will be wearing a chiffon dress in Deep Rose. My three Bridesmaids will wear the Strapless Chambray Wild Rose Dress in Papaya (a new arrival for spring).

From left to right: soft shell, papaya, deep rose, rosebud.

The eldest Junior Bridesmaids will wear the Twist Tank Dress in Soft Shell. While the other two Junior Bridesmaids will be wearing dresses in the same shade but in a different style—I am not entirely sure which dress but perhaps this one that isn’t on their website yet (it is a ruffled dress with a sweetheart neckline). I am going to try to find something similar to Rosebud for my Maid of Honor who is a bit larger than J-Crew’s sizing.

I am so excited! This is a big check mark off my to-do list!


5 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dresses & Colors Schemes

  1. J-Crew at Garden State Plaza in NJ gets in lots of things that aren’t yet online. The Chambray Wildrose dress was there a week before it appeared online. And two weeks before Columbus Circle NYC received. The Crewcuts at Garden State have many more choices than other Crewcuts. It is a good store! Don’t know why it happens..I would think online would have everything before ANY stores. A lot of stores have swatches on hand–Garden State does but again Columbus Ave in NYC only had old swatches. Perhaps Garden State sells more of a variety of dresses or is going to become a Weddings and Parties store. Don’t know!! It ALWAYS pays to ask. I had no idea they would carry swatches until I overtly asked. And—what I just learned from J-Crew Saturday–they offer 15% off if you are in education! You need ur teaching ID but it is great for me in arts education!

  2. My daughter is in a wedding in August and the bridesmaids dress is the Wild rose chambray dress from Jcrew. My daughter is living in S America (Ecuador) and will be back for the wedding. I thought the bride bought her a dress in a size 8 and just learned she didn’t buy it and thought I did. I called JCrew and they have tried to find the dress for over a month but can’t. My daughter is one of 7 bridesmaids who all have their dress. Did anyone in your wedding have a size 8 and would they be willing to sell it or rent it to her to wear for the wedding. The wedding is June 28, 2010 Thanks Jo Anne

    1. Unfortunately I ran into the SAME situation. One of my bridesmaids needed a size 12 and i worked with jcrew for like a month and a half to locate. They couldnt help me in the end. I went to Ebay and found some but not in the right size. I decided to have her match the MOH so we skirted the issue. Ebay was the ONLY place of hope. All my ladies are below the size u need. I wish i could help you. I don’t know if you know this about the dress–it runs really large. Larger than any of the similar jcrew dresses. So she may even be one size below.

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