One Location: Ceremony & Reception

Botanical Garden. Image from brewbooks photostream on Flickr.

Yes, I had a plan! And yes, this is deliberately in past tense!!

Let me just tell you this, Boho brides. Having your ceremony and reception at two different venues is spendy! After talking to a wedding coordinator on Catalina Island we decided to eliminate one of our sites. She had a good point: guests coming out of town to the island don’t want to go back and forth from ceremony to reception site–they just want to stay put. So even though I LOVE the look of the garden, with its 1930s monumental architecture, locally produced glazed tiles and endemic plants, my guests may be indifferent to it. After all they will be spending a weekend there lounging at the beach.

Tiles from the Wrigley Memorial Botanical Garden. Image from brewbooks photostream on Flickr.

This was the deal breaker: I didn’t calculate the cost of a shuttle bus transporting guests to the Wrigley Botanical Garden and to the reception site (it looked close to the reception site on the map!). To transport people just over a mile it would be an extra $400. And this is on top of the $1,200 site fee. As this wedding coordinator tells me: our wedding is a “budget wedding” and “this would be a very quick and painless way to cut a lot of money.” So snip: $1,600 is cut from my expenses.

Even though I am very disappointed about this decision.

Good bye beautiful tiles that I fell in love with. Good bye juicy succulents. Goodbye native flowers. A budget bride has to do what she has to do!

So now the ceremony and reception in one place–the restaurant courtyard. Will a courtyard ceremony be pretty? I really don’t know. Somehow my idea of a beach wedding, a garden wedding, or majestic cliffside wedding has translated into a courtyard wedding. The reception space is lovely, but it just is not exactly what I had in mind!

Hopefully this will all work out smoothly!

So, Boho brides, how did your initial wedding ideas change as you planned? Were there any choices you made because it just seemed more logical and budget friendly? How did it work out in the end?


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