Beach vs. Garden Wedding

Ocean Overlook at Summit Point. Photo from Catalina Weddings & Events.

When you think of getting married on an island, it seems almost a stupid question: “will you be getting married on the beach then?” I field these questions all the time from my friends and family. In my case it isn’t stupid at all. We will not!

My fiance, Mr. Cali Girl, was pretty vocal that he didn’t want to have a beach wedding. He had done it time and time before. He loved those beach weddings but he posed the question to me: “Is there any place else where we can have a relaxed wedding?”

Wrigley Botanical Garden. Image from Golden Treatment.

I took to the internet and researched as I know best!

I came up with two ideas:

1.) We can wed on the bluffs 1,000 feet above the ocean. The best place out of the venues available through the Catalina Conservancy, in my mind, is The Ocean Overlook at Summit Point.

THE PROS: It would be a majestic view. The trees, ocean, and rolling hills would be the background–how beautiful would that be! It wouldn’t be beachy–but it would have a beach view. The terrain at Catalina is pretty dry so it would feel more like we were getting married on a ranch. We could roll with more of a rustic decor to suit the space.

THE CONS: Because it would be 10 mins out of town we would need to arrange for transportation, which means an added cost. There are no facilities so we would need to rent port-a-potties, which means an extra cost.

2.) We can get married at the Catalina Botanical Garden.

THE PROS: We would have all the decor necessary for a garden wedding. The plant species at the Botanical Garden are indigenous and often rare giving a great eclectic feeling to the site .

THE CONS: Just like the Bluffs we would need to secure this location and the reception site, meaning two deposits. But it does have bathrooms!

We decided to go with option #2 and embrace the garden ceremony. There is a succulent garden there, and I thought that it would be fun to use succulents as table flowers at the reception site. I had a plan!


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