Can You Refuse A Destination Wedding?

Aboard the Catalina Express

We really couldn’t! We decided to go switch our wedding from my hometown of Santa Barbara, CA to Catalina Island. It is a mini-destination wedding, really, because it is just off the coast of California. Twenty miles off the coast of Los Angeles–a hour boat ride. Meaning two hours south of Santa Barbara then aboard the ferry for my family. So it isn’t too far. But it still is a destination.

Simply the fact of getting on the ferry boat and setting foot on an island is a breath of fresh air. And for the rest of the family coming from New York and New Jersey it will be a different experience. Things are always a little bit different on an island, more laid back, more isolated.

A Lazy Trip on the Catalina Island Express

Goodbye traditional wedding in the bride’s hometown. We are taking the one-town island of Catalina by storm!

Did we make the right decision? Would you have made the switch, Boho Brides?

How will all these wedding plans pan out!


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